Update broke the battle pass

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Battle Pass and Bazaar
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Exilent 131620

Bug Description:

Items that were earned through the battle pass and bought from the Bazaar are now unusable. Before update 3.0.2 I had Acheronian Legate Armour and an Undead Horse, since the update both are unusable because apparently I’m not entitled to them.

Bug Reproduction:

Updated the game

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Confirming this bug. The Bazaar is gone. Although Battle Pass and Challenges look fine to me.

After performing a full shut down and leaving the xbox off for a few minutes i now having access to my armour and horse again.

Scrap that, the issue has returned and this time performing a full shut down made no difference. The game was working fine for me before the update (a few invisible glitches but nothing too bad) now the previous bugs are still there with new ones that prevent me from using content I’ve paid for.

It all seems to be working again today, thank you

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Hi @Muppetish

If you experience any other issues with the BattlePass, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.