Irusan/Cat God Museum Pedestal

Not sure if this is an oversight or should be a suggestion, but the Samhain mission should have his own pedestal in the Oddities section of the museum if the Saturnalia ones have theirs, maybe one for the werecat creatures too.


The werecats are just werewolfs out of place…they even count as such.

I would say it should be a suggestion. In Tsw the wing was added with the last winter event and didnt make it further. I’m sure it wasnt one of their priorities at relaunch to add more to museum

I believe there is a rework of the museum planned for the SA wing. May be possible to sneak it in…that said it would need new stuff from the 3d guys so chances are meh. But hey…always can try . Would be cool having the old cat.

I know it still require quite some work but. I mean the models are effectively mobs frozen in some moment of their animation. Aren¨t they “just” using standstill of the actual mob rather than building it from scratch? Don’t get me wrong i understand there is nothing “just” about making something for a game xD

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I think Irusan is unique enough of a foe to get his place in the oddities wings.

As is the corrupted Gatekeeper, IMO. Although he already has a shared centerpiece, I think this variation deserves its own pedestal.