Musum for dummies guide?

Is there one out there? I read the tswdb guide, but I still have a pedestal in my inventory that I have absolutely no idea what to do with. How do you use them? WHERE? Do you need a corresponding item to use them?

So confusing.

Go into one of the wings (I think you need buy a contract from the curator to get in each one. Been too long) , click on one of the information posts in the area that you’ve entered, and it will tell you what you need and which pedestal you need to buy from the curator. The list on the information post needs to be all green, and then you can right click the pedestal in your inventory to use it. A monster “statue” will appear. If you are too far away it won’t work, so make sure you are close when you right click. Once you do one pedestal you will get the idea for the rest. The centerpieces have their own pedestals.

If you can’t use a pedestal you can sell it back to the curator for the same amount of shards.

You can level each pedestal 3 times. Green (mnemonic), blue (superior), and purple (Paragon). So you always start with green, then the post will tell you what you need to be able to upgrade to superior, and then Paragon.

It’s been a while for me… I could be missing things. I hope that helps.

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This may be helpful too:


TSWDB seems down. Not good news. @Vomher?

Also, my spreadsheet could help: SWL Museum Calculator Spreadsheet

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It’s unexpected downtime and I’m looking into it as we speak - TSWDB will be back as soon as possible!!

Edit so I don’t double post: TSWDB is back up! I’m so very sorry for any inconvenience during the downtime. I’m also sorry for the slight topic derailment!


The total amount to finish the museum is 8 438 000, not 8 440 000. You forget the free classic pedestal & classic centerpiece you get from achievements.

Not that 6 000 anima shards will make a huge dent into the museum budget. :v: