Museum occult trophies - requirements?

Would you ever need more than two of any given occult trophy? I currently have several Magus Amulets and I’m wondering how many to keep. I assume that you would generally need one each to upgrade to Superior and Paragon, but are there e.g. some trophies that are needed in more than one hall?

You’ll never need more than 2, and some you won’t even need 2 of. For example, you need a Magus Amulet to upgrade Mara to Superior, but then you need a Rusted Sigil Ring to upgrade her to Paragon.
As the items all relate to specific exhibits, you’ll never use the same item in different wings. has all the different items which are used in the museum.


Thank you!

Should I try to auction the excess, or just vend them?

Some items I have tried to auction in the past have gone much faster than I would have expected, while others I thought were in demand I’ve eventually taken down because of lack of interest. I don’t think it’s because I price high - I try to price to move, since if I’m selling it by definition I don’t want it.

It’s a tricky call really. Some items sell quickly, others less so. Effectively, the easier the item is to get, the less likely it is to sell really. There isn’t a huge amount of demand for the items any more though, so it’s a bit of a gamble whether someone who might want to buy it will even see it on the AH.

Yeah, signets sell (almost always), glyphs often sell. Sometimes weapons and talismans will sell (about half of the ones I’ve set up).

Clothing doesn’t sell. Maybe it’s because the ones I’ve actually got duplicates of are really common.

In my experience, you can AH most museum things for 20-50 range very consistently. So it is just a question of whether or not 250 shards is worth 16 MoFs (assuming non-patron) for you. Neither is game changing resources, so don’t agonize over the decision. AH has the added bonus that you know you’ve helped someone out.

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Sometimes I see rusted ring in AH around 20,000.