SWL Museum Calculator Spreadsheet


Make yourself a copy and all you have to fill in is the level numbers of each pedestal. You can use the Pose column for your own information, it isn’t used in any calculations. Just change it to a 1 or a checkmark or anything you’d like to let yourself know that you have that pose (or the item on standby). The “Have” column is used to keep track of how many of the required upgrade items you have. It’s only required for the center piece in the Guardians and Automatons wing to track your Custodial Anima Infusers.

My personal museum sheet can be viewed here.

Disclaimers: The notes on drop locations for items might not be 100% accurate. I just filled in off of memory. The “Items” tab pulls from a TSW source, so that information is out of date in a lot of places.

Acknowledgement: This sheet is based on one originally created by RedEyeEagle.


Thanks for modifying and sharing this, this is great.


the Original was easy to find in the badgers Site, because 10k farming and tracking/combination from Spiderbabys 10k farming sheet

Museum-> Spreedsheet

Same for the items-sheet by Smyrill


Thanks for the spreadsheet. Even being all “blue” with a scattering of purples, there is still a long road to go!!


One purpose of the spreadsheet is act as a way of setting short term goals to focus your efforts. Just work on one wing at a time, start with the smallest room (the cheapest shard cost and fewest achievements needed) and go. None of the required museum items are overly expensive, I think the most expensive you’ll see is a Clown Nose which fluctuates anywhere between 1k and 10k MoF, so you don’t have to worry if you can’t obtain them from drops.

Fill in the museum as you go, seeing your progress in real time helps with the focus, too.


Very true. I don’t go near the museum until I’m up a couple hundred K shards. Mostly I’m at the chipping away at the kill counts to go purple, so it will happen when it happens!

I do like that spreadsheet though - I love spreadsheets though! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Spreadsheet updated. Golem wing museum item locations updated and the anima shard cost of the Custodial Anima Infusers added.

There is no means of importing data from an older version of the sheet. You’ll have to manually copy stuff over. Sorry.


Small fix.

If you’ve already started using the last version, just change the Grand Total shard amount to 8,444,000 on the Overview sheet.