Kaidan: Key Log


Realized most people probably never saw the Reddit post of this, so just dropping it here for anyone who was curious.

Kaidan Key Log

I also keep updating this each time I run another round of Kaidan missions which tends to be anywhere from 3-5 times a week. Occasionally more, occasionally less.

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Feedback & Suggestions

i can’t even look at that without being too annoyed about it, and then realised i don’t go to KD anymore anyway unless i need some shards lol
Funny how this game turns everything on its head for what looks like no reason than to mess you about


I run every day because my museum demands shards. Only need 1.8 million shards to complete, but since the museum can’t be completed right now, I need closer to 750k now to finish what’s currently possible. The golem wing in its entirety is about 1 million shards, but only 5 of the 14 pedestals are even available. And then there’s the centerpiece of the Orochi wing. Impossible, currently.

But once I finish that, I’ll probably stop running them much.


I haven’t even looked in my museum, once i get what i need for my char to function i kinda move on to what is needed next, ignoring all the parts that don’t really matter. I might go have a look, or maybe i already went, i have a podium i can’t delete lol


My current museum buff is 40% chance to deal 0.48CP damage. In my junk 520ish IP DPS set that’s about 450 damage. That is not insubstantial.


I have 9k shards and 13k mofs lol it’s never really any higher than that at any one time lol You’re right tho, what it offers in way of added extras is nice, but i’ve needed to glyph and gear before i could even do anything that was of any use to me.


Scenarios mostly, and training myself to do dungeons/NYR in all roles, since i was always healer in PVP and healer/DPS for dungs, i have broadened now to all 3 roles in anything that’s available - it kinda felt needed.
AND it’s a huge amount of pressure to be able to do it, especially tanking for me, i’d never done it before so its a whole other perspective and set of rules and things to learn.
And you can’t see anything but blood and feet when you’re that close.


450 damage with 40% proc chance, correct? I would just multiply the 450 times 0.4 to get a dps average to have a more comparable number.


Everyone will have a different Combat Power. They can do the math for themselves. It’s a simple formula. If you’ve finished 3rd grade you should be able to do it. Isn’t it a little insulting to assume that people can’t figure that out on their own and I should have to do it?


Dude. I asked a question and made a personal none binding suggestion. I don’t know what you are rambling about or what you are reading into it. I never suggested or assumed anyone is bad at math.