My experience going through with a new char

New starting area, due to some limits a couple prof’s get shafted due to nano’s being unusable…have the nano and learn but just can’t cast it.

New ICC area where everything for new chars to lvl50 is located is just horrid in optimization 5fps at the low end and 35fps at the high end, bad enough to chase some people away. If FC wants that to be the central place and a gathering point, optimization needs looked at.

Money earning and looting in the new area =.= It is reduced down to just what you can buy from vendors and at the cost it’s really what you are given as mission reward.

Subway, the ofab weapons dropping and usable by froob…best weapon until they can equip QL70ish weapon. That save’s money on that.

Money earning, with out resorting to selling to players or using one of your higher lvls to fund. Just nope, the char just can not equip them self and barely can sustain them self. Nano costs and Imp costs break’s and exceeds the budget. Between reduced sell value’s over the years and the reduced drop tables (mission chests often empty even if locked) have just flat broken earning potential in TL1 and TL2.

Newcomer armor lvling forever with you helps if you got nothing better. Your not going to tank a fight with it.

I understand funding your character is a never-ending problem. For froob, both the subway Ofab and Newcomer armor as well as a suit of Omni-Med and three slot belt are all pretty awesome considering you get all of it cost free.

At low levels you can cheat a bit on implants and nano’s. You don’t need to fill every implant slot - just the core profession slots. For example; for a good pet Engineer need MC & TS cluster slots filled in the head, eye and right hand and MM in the left arm for the “assist combat array” buff. That’s it. The bare bones template.

For buff pistols Engineer need two shop buyable QL1 Second-Hand Old English Trading Co pistols. You can get three free QL50 NCU chips from the NPC ‘mail’ task at ICC.

How to make money? Everyone has their advice. My advice? Tough it out. Do some polite begging - use tact and your best judgement. Solo team missions. Use clicksaver and roll your nano’s as rewards. Multibox an alt if you need a roll partner. You really do need to keep multibox alt(s). Do lots and lots of missions. If you’re under L30 roll same-zone missions and mow through them as fast as possible. Loot everything. You won’t get rich, but you’ll be able to fund your character(s). I’ve done it and I know you can do it too.

Dailies pay out a fair bit of credits. Do those. I personally get very bored with dailies and prefer to grind through team missions. Find a mate to play with. Also check out the CRU daily tasks.

What happens if you hate doing RK team missions? If your froob? Then you’re screwed.

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