Sources of Income for New Players

I recently re-subbed this game, and I’m really happy to be back. However, I remember that making enough credits to keep a main character’s nanos and implants at level posed a challenge. In the old days, there were mission items players could farm (some pillows with important stripes, or something like that) that could generate a decent income. Is that strategy still viable, or are there better ways to fund a first character?

My 2 cents. If you’re Clan or Omni, buy items from your side’s city when possible because items are cheaper than fair trade stores. Also if you’re omni, sell items to the map terminal in omni stores, you get more credits from that one for some reason. If you’re neutral, sell to the weapons terminal in omni stores. And if you’re clan just sell to anywhere (unless you’re a trader) cus they’re all the same as far as I know.

In terms of making credits, rolling items like concrete cushions and intel pistols is still a thing as far as I know, check GMI for their prices. I’ve heard good things from selling “Basic armor”, the armor needed to make alien armor. Can be easily obtained from the new starting area (search Arete on AO Universe)

Here are some of my suggestions (no particular order)

  1. Individual pattern pieces (can’t be combined otherwise they sell for 0) from Shadowlands.
  2. Pearls from Shadowlands.
  3. When you get to around lvl 140ish, you can start rolling nanos for lazy rich people. People pay very well for this.
  4. Kill rubika dynas and grab all their loot and sell to the shops mentioned above. Won’t get amazing credits at low levels but gets quite reasonable from lvl 160ish dynas.

Really, the easiest and fastest way to make credits at lower levels is from farming The Mariners Father books. They currently sell for around 50m on the main server.

You can find plenty of farming locations in Nascense and can be farmed from level 5 and up with ease.

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Depending on your knowledge level, how long ago you played and how long you played there are a lot of items that use to be common place that were dirt cheap but are now expensive due to a lack of supply and high demand. Low level/leveling symbiants, various twinking armors and weapons and nanos. The list is huge. I am sorry for such a vague answer but have the mindset that if you need that, someone else does as well and will pay top dollar for it.

Ah yeah I forgot about Spec 1, definitely a good option :slight_smile:

Personally (as a froob) Blitzing nanos for others is one of the best incomes (you need to make something like a fixer at a decent level first, but after that its pretty easy for certain professions like Fix)
With the economy being in the state it is you will find alot of people overpaying for nanos (ive been paid 10-20m for 1-2 nanos that are easy to roll) out of pure laziness, i go LFT “Blitzing nanos 4 u”.
And tbh even if you price easy rolls at 2m each (like i did) it still ends up being quite a nice load for initial play like your gearing/imps (not endgame or high pricing items like IGoC though)

EDIT: Forgot to add, i checked GMI for the cheapest price of each nano and then transparently told my customer the price and then lowered it as a good deal

This is helpful. Thank you!

Are you talking about general nanos or a specific kind?

My knowledge level is very low. I played years ago, but I don’t remember much.

It’s usually the top nanos for a profession, like Essence of Behemoth for Enforcers but it could be other things like the grid nanos for Doctors or Traders.

Another nice income for players that like totw, farm exarch robes and turn them in at the Blind Cultist (right?) outside. Gives you a sealed Inner Sanctum key. Those sell well aswell :slight_smile:

It seems to me that it’s popular to roll whole sets of top nanos for a specific profession. For example for a MP it would be all mochams, top pets + relevant pet buffs, Odin’s Missing Eye, Wrath Abatement, Mocham’s Neural Interface-Web, possibly Shield of Asmodian, Nano Shutdown, One Mind, One Purpose and also nukes (although MP get better nukes as a reward from various quests).

If you’re not sure what the top nanos are you can always go to => section “Nanos”.

And in case you forgot it’s pretty much mandatory to use programs such as ClickSaver or MishBuddy for rolling (you can download it here -

Shocked to see Clicksaver and Mishbuddy still around. :astonished:

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One simple answer to get billions of credits - Basic Fashion Armor

ur welcome! :]

checked that, no longer valid as it gives same price. trader shop is best, gives double of neutral shop.

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Didn’t even know about this.

This was good advice. Thank you!

Only traders can use it though

The omni map terminal was the one omni shop clans could use, so therefore the myth about it.
The best way for a newb to start making creds today is to just stick with leveling your toon to 220, gear it, and then start making creds.
Thats my advice…

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This is what I ment.