It's already over

There are players already having millions and millions of credits. Someone ran up to me offering me one million for free. That means people are already exploiting. You need to monitor peoples credits, look how they aquired them and then permanently ban the account and every account attatched to the e-mail adress of everyone who exploits or this will be a massive failure.

Edit: Tabbing out crashes the game resetting all your ui settings btw. you may want to fix this.


(UI doesn’t save until you log out)

Please fix this asap or game economy will be broken and new server same exploited thing as old server

Someone ran up to you and offered you mills for free?
You sure this is true…?

If you believe anyone may be doing something unintentional, please send in a petition in game with the character names involved. This can then be investigated and the necessary actions taken.

Also, just a reminder to everyone about discussions like this:

I certainly truly 110% hope this isn’t true. I am a new player with a once in a lifetime opportunity to start this historic game from scratch and if i feel everyone around me is cheating i will quit and not spend another dime.

If it is true will they fix it?

Probably offered him 1k credits and he misread it


Yes, alot of my friends are already making millions. Let’s say you roll mishes, those where you need to find a target. The mish grants you, let’s say, 5k upon completion and another 2k from selling the rewards. Net 7k.

As a fixer, you do those mishes, with rolling and travel time accounted for, in 3-4 minutes.

Some quick maths:

In one hour, you have potentially made 105k creds running a single character, being a fixer. Now we can add to the completion time, but also add 5 other accounts for those running several. Theoretically, it could look something like this:

7x6= 42

That’s 420k an hour, roughly counted. Wer’e not accounting for all the small variables but only looking at theoretical, raw data. Results may vary but this is a good bottom line.
We can add in some other factors, like tabbing between the accounts for switching levers and other human factors. Also, in team mishes you HAVE to reach the last floor making it take slightly longer, as such bringing it down to 300k to make it slightly more realistic.

In a day, said examples could EASILY net between 1-3 mil creds, being dedicated and effective. And a lot of players are in fact, dedicated and effective.

What you’re portraying is lack of understanding. That’s alright, I did too in the beginning when there was a repeatable mish making people millionaires within the first hours. They hotfixed that out. Apart from that, people are simply relying on the options there is and play those fully.

It doesn’t hurt to ask around, before you start throwing the sploit accusations. FC is keeping VERY close eyes on the new server to combat just that, and should someone be exploiting or you suspect someone is, take their name and report them for further investigation.


Hell, I’ve already got a Yalm, just from blitzing until my eyes bled…lol. Fixer for life.


If you roll the mish’s in avalon, they go anywhere from 8.5-15k completion reward per mish. If you have any MB you can see how quickly this would add up. Assuming you’re getting on average 11.5k per mish per person, with a MB of 6, you make about 70.5k/per mish. Each mish can be completed in 5 minutes or less if you blitz to completion without killing anything. At this rate, you can get a million creds every 75 minutes or so. It’s not that hard if you know what you’re doing. ^^


My fixer is pulling level 34 missions, the 3 first missions grant a 14k-ish cred reward, the following 10k-ish. I pull 8-10 at the time. If you know what mission type to pull for, you can get your reward at best in 10 seconds, but never longer than 2 min.

Top of that fact that my fixer has just a few ql 20-30 implants, and not even full armor. I can farm creds very fast. Part of this is just experience sure, I enter a mission and I can either use my map, or just look at the layout of a mission to know where I have to go.

I’ve seen plenty of exploit accusations on OOC channels, and it is sad because it stems from lack of knowledge of the game. If I want to farm 10mil in 1 day, that is absolutely possible for me to do. Question is do I want to claw my eyes out that bad?!


I just got a laugh out of this thread. In the discussion thread I spent a couple of long post explaining how easy it was to make a stupid amount of credits on RK. I was attacked and told I did not know what I was talking about. So when what I indicated would happen does the disbelievers come here claiming people are cheating the system already. I just have to laugh.

Then people here explain they have been doing exactly what I described as the best way to earn credits on RK. The simple truth is, if you are struggling for credits and don’t have your yalm yet it is because you have not actually tried to make the credits.

So for those that still don’t get it. High Evade profession (MA / Fixer) gets a lot of find item missions in the same location or very close to same location. Go run them all only looking for the item, don’t fight stuff. Sell everything and repeat. Did I say they should be full hard missions? Well they should be.

Again I am just laughing that people think you can’t have this kind of credits already. I hope the forums keep providing jewels of humor like this thread’s OP.


Nope, its actually true… people been able to dupe on the new server which has been proven with screenshots, you just need to know where to look for it.

See this is my entire point pretty much, you say evade professions gets a lot of find item missions. Everyone can get that, it has nothing to do with your profession. You just need to know how to set the sliders. The mission location? Again it has nothing to do with your profession, its just random.
I can spend 5 min pulling those 8-10 missions, I could do split locations but I don’t like running. So I pull and pull and pull…

See, again it comes down to knowledge and experience.

Mission location is not that random, it’s based on your level (or TL, don’t know exactly) and a location of the mission terminal. For example it’s always been possible to pull a mission to Broken Shores at tl5 from Newland, but not from Borealis or at tl2, IIRC.

Edit: or rather on the level of the mission which is determined by player’s level ofc.

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Yes, of course. But within the scope I am discussing ie level 34 missions, its random.

Not that random. I’ve been pulling from Omni ENT by the grid term and getting lvl 30+ missions in Omni Trade, Rome, or Harry’s consistently.

It’s fake news. The server is in a great state atm, and the population grows day by day. We should spread the word out instead of these “doomsday-fake” news. Thanks.

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I have been streaming the game daily, averaging about 50 people a day, ~5-10 who are registering new / old accounts to play again. Problem is FC is awful at marketing, so doing a little guerrilla marketing is very helpful.

Yes, and as Horm and me have pointed out at certain levels you have a set pool of viable locations.
There are even more interestig facts on top of that, like how WA only has 8 possible mission spots, meaning you can only get 8 missions there.