Exploits and you



An exploit is a bug that grants a user an unnatural or an unintended benefit in the game for a character of their profession and level. Meaning, it’s a bug or design error that makes it possible for characters to fight monsters, solve quests, earn money, get items, etc. that normally should be out of that character’s reach or not possible in the first place. Basically, exploiting can be described as cheating.

Do not describe how an exploit works or can be abused. NEVER explain how to perform an exploit publicly.
Exploits and an explanation on how to reproduce the issue should be sent directly to staff or moderators, such as @AndyB, @christa, or @Michizure.

There is a mentality that suggests publicly exposing exploits somehow results in getting it fixed faster. Not only is this false, but you are actively causing harm to the game and community by making what could have been a relatively small issue into a problem for everyone.

Posts doing so will be removed on sight and the poster may have action taken against them both on the forum and in-game (where applicable).

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