Returning player impressions


I’m a returning player, who’s been playing off and on for the past 17 years (Happy Birthday AO!) , beginning about a month after release (friends from EQ reported it was unplayable at first, due to overload - so many of us wanted out of EQ).

So I waited a month. And playing more off than on since then, because EQ taught me that pain was not fun. And AO hurt a lot at first (the balancing nerfs, PvP spawn point camping,etc).

I’ve spent a day or so playing on low level toons not in the newbie zone, and it’s been fun.

I decided to log in to a toon still in the newb zone, and the chat was ugly with gold sellers.

I’d link the screenshot, but this forum won’t allow me to, which is bogus.

Just wanted to let Funcom know because gold sellers spamming chat is the biggest turn off for me as a new player in games. It suggests that the devs aren’t up to par.

Even more egregious is that I suspect they’ve targeted noobs, since noobs don’t know that selling Grace is a safer bet.

Because I didn’t see their spam outside of the newbie zone.

And it’s real new players this game needs to recruit to survive, not us old, jaded players.


To qoute Lazy. Edumacate Urslf, my d00d … i think I screwed that up :3 but, Yes I do agree those are very annoying, and I believe harmful. To take some action against I would start using filters. you can even ask some folks if they have the clickable script around like ICC, OAG, or Bor . I know this does not solve the problem but at least it can help.


So if you’re watching carefully when those credit spammers start up, there’s usually a bot that spams with them telling you how to set up filters to block all of them forever. The community has your back.