A player`s thoughts


Hi. With the current state the game is in i am constantly off and on playing it. I hope that funcom one day will be active on the game as they once were because it still has potential. There are no other games that can compare with the style AO has. It is allowed to dream, right?


Hello, I’m also a returning player and I started fresh. Only had a few items saved and credits om a froob. Got toit say I’m loving it. Not having 220s to relay om lvling exploring farming junk to twink and bit…is uber. Only downside is the economy is crap which would hurt a lot a new player…but I just love it. Cant wait to go farm stuff. Still wish for a fresh server…farming symbs will be tough since I cant afford the crazy prices


froob > power creep


If you can sell items via GMI, then those crazy prices can work for you, too.

For example, try selling nano-charged rifle or assault rifle, obtained only through missions. It’s used as a mat for making Perennium Weapons.

Used as a twink weapon by fixers, agents, and soldiers. The most valuable ones are level 50, but can make good money for higher level ones.

Use this link AO Universe Clicksaver if you don’t still have it.


Were you omni and in IC? i recall the name and seen you using Lightnet recently


Yes, lvling hard atm :slight_smile:


I too still dream that FC starts further development on AO, or even better yet, sell it to someone who can see its potential, that FC clearly cant.

In the meantime, im both enjoying the good ol’ powercreep aswell as i made a fresh froob engi. Its been a decade or so it feels, since i was in ToTW.

Its still home.

AO’s the one game i always return to.


From the Funcom Q3 Financial Report stream:

“We do want to use the AO IP, but as I have said before, it has to be the right game, and right now, we don’t have anything concrete. Do we discuss the AO IP when we talk about games? Yes. That’s what I can say.”

Fingers crossed, but it doesn’t seem like there’s anything going on for the foreseeable future.


I just hope it isn’t a battle royale garbage that’s popular currently. I’d rather see a true successor to AO.


As a player from a LOOOOONG time ago (circa 2005) I dip back in from time to time. I wish I had the time to get involved again, but if it didn’t TAKE time, then it wouldn’t be AO anymore. I really hope development picks up, but I also really hope it doesn’t change too much. Just walking through Rome produces such strong nostalgia…

There are lots of games out there the scratch the same itch. AO is the only one that scratches THIS itch.