Another grumpy old git returning

Hey chaps, it’s been a minute.

Played the game at release and through what I think might have been the most enjoyable period for any MMO (broad statement I know, but I’m going to stand by it). Going back 15 years, I was one of the Doctor professionals and I think I could probably still have one of those pretentious signatures that has ‘RK1 first X, Y, Z’ if I were of that sort of mind (bugger, just looked at my old forum signature…)

I’ve popped my head back in a few times over the years, but it was just always so disappointing compared to the ‘good old days’ that I never really stuck. But here I am, significantly older and more patient and I wanted a game I could chill with when I have time. So, I decided that even if it is a solo experience, I’d make my way back through AO (or as much as I could).

So I rolled a new toon for a class I always wanted to play and never really invested the time in. I’m hardly a helpless newb, thankfully the FC servers seem to have preserved all of my credits and items across several accounts, so I can be that idiot wearing social aliumz armour at like level 12 (Thanks for social armour FC, it’s nice to not look like I covered myself in glue and ran through a charity shop). I’m trying to resist the urge to dual log, but I guess it’s an option for any significant bottleneck if I make it that far.

My old org appears to be dead, which is a shame, but I’m going to hold off looking into orgs until I know I’m hanging around and have something useful to contribute.

I guess I just wanted to pop my head in and wave. Posting on the AO forums in itself gives me that nice, warm glow of nostalgia. And if FC finally pull the power cord out of the back of the 1990’s Amiga they have running the engine, then at least I get a last look around before the lights go out.