[Returning Player] Money Making for Froob

Yeah Blood Plasma and Jewelry are still the strong standbys. But what has died off is selling to other players, chat channels are dead quite and the ICC zone is horrid optimization which is just chasing people away with the lag.

Still no access to GMI despite the current state of player pop and social interaction.

Dyna camp respawn times seem nerfed and not worth being farmed any more.

Some required crafting mats drop less reliably now which not only effects money making by other things as well.

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If it helps Borealis shares OOC & shopping with ICC and lightnet is a global trade bot. You can avoid ICC 90% of the time.

Froobs can search GMI but not buy, many paid players will help you.

Dyna respawn times have not changed, kill many myself. In fact in addition many non-dyna boss times are shorter than ever (Rat Catcher, Fredrickson, etc).

Which crafting materials are you refering to? I make a lot of VTE, Notucomms and other items and have not noticed problems. Recently mantis armor droprate was put through the roof with even ql200 easy to get.

The only hard to get trade items are mission only like mist filled jar, rare instruction discs. Which were always rare expensive, just more so now fewer people run rk missions. Ql90+ mist filled jars sell for frankly absurd amounts.

I highly recommend joining the AO discord and talking to people there, some exclusively froob players make a killing credit wise, can surely help you out.

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Blood plasma and other shopfood are effective when you mainly buy from shops too. At the lowest levels this is fine; you’ll mostly buy implants, stims and nano’s.

At higher level though this no longer works. Unless you want to camp every item you wear, you’ll want to buy from other players. The player economy mostly counts in multiples of millions, tens of millions and more, not thousands.

Personally I find doing missions for rollable nano’s a reliable way to make money. Nano’s often sell for 20-50m each and don’t require luck to obtain. You can use GMS to see which nano’s are valuable. If you can’t use GMS to sell, then you can sell via lightnet as Nadiao mentioned.

Dyna’s are a viable alternative, but this tends to require more luck. The rarest dyna loot sells for over a billion, but most of it is shopfood. So if you choose dyna’s or missions is up to your preference :slight_smile:

As a froob I crafted and sold many dozens of Briefcase of Holding for 20m creds (crat portable bank access.) A mid-level engineer/trader can make them with tradeskill buffs without too much hassle

Find the order form in RK missions. The form drops from bureaucrat-type mobs. I think the perfect mission level would be L110 since the form is QL100.

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It should be mentioned that the most reliable method of gaining alarge sum of credits quickly as a low level froob is the social clothing quest. The requirements are essentially a yalmaha.


The rewards are essential for crafting alien armor. players consider this quest tedious enough to pay well for a set.

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