Making money as a froob, leveling and missions

Played the game a long time ago and I’m back as a froob. Been slowly working my way through the game and I’m up to lvl 26 on my Adventurer.

Been reading some guides on making money, what to look out for and sell.
I’ve found some Morphing Memory, but my problem is that I’ve had no luck at all selling it.
Since I’m a freeloading peasent, I can’t put it on the GMI and the OT Shopping Channel 11-50 is absolutely dead.
As a froob, how do you actually advertise your goods?

Where does everyone hangout these days? OT Ent and Trade are dead.

I’ve been making by blitzing max difficulty mission, I was able to get missions from the Ent terminal for missions in Ent and Trade, which was very handy. But now the missions are for out in the wilderness.
Is there a way to calculate where to get missions from, that will put me in a safe compact zone?

Are there many low level teams about? If so, where abouts are they?

Can a froob account be upgraded, or do I need to make a new subscription account?

For selling stuff and finding teams u can join darknet. /tell darknet register
Omni’s gather usually in Borealis.
The higher the mission ql the further u have to travel. No easy way to go around that.
About froob teaming hmmm try to join the froob200 bot. /tell froob200 join
Yes froob accounts can be upgraded but theres no way to play those chars without paying afterwards.

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I rarely blitz but got tired of missions out in West Bumfrap so I use Mishbuddy which I like better then Clicksaver since you can see all 5 locations at a glance. My goto’s are Broken Shores, Pleasant Meadows, & Omni HQ.

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As a general rule you’ll likely not find mission teams as a froob. Maybe dailies at Subway and ToTW /Foreman’s. I used to play froob (3-box) and ask in 1-50 if anyone would like to join for team missions - and that was through all sorts of mission levels up to froob 200. Beyond the people I knew in our org I never got many responses. FWI I’m one of the few people who truly enjoy RK team missions.

Probably best to make four or five unique game accounts

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Do subscribers level in a different area from froobs?

They can Level in the Shadowlands with many quests and very good spots for fast leveling.

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Thanks for all the replies and help.

Was actually thinking of subscribing, would love to revist SL. I never really saw the earlier levels since I was 200 when the expansion launch, then burnt out killing hecklers on the way to 220.
But then I saw the subscription cost…

Can anyone recommend a OT froob friendly org?

Yes, Weyland Yutani is recruiting

Now that I’ve time to comment I’ll try to add some personal experience. Subscription account and Froob are both fun to play. You burned out on Hecklers last time you played (as did I) but now we have dailies for experience of different experience categories. You can play both types of free/pay accounts by rolling up characters on separate accounts, preferably professions that compliment one another on those different accounts.

Buff begging. You’ll be doing it often whether or not you pay or play for free. If you don’t buff beg you’ll suffer through RK or AI daily mission beat downs. Don’t let people tell you that you can level a Martial Artist on the cheap or you won’t need outside buffs. No one plays that way. Few people ever played that way - I started playing August 2001 and we always traded buffs.

For froobs I think pet classes are easiest to level (with buffs of course), engineer leads the pack to about L125-130ish, then bureaucrat becomes the hands down RK mission experience farmer; two charmed enforcer pets and your robotic assistant plus crat only experience pistol, calm nano to quickly split mission and dungeon mobs, experience buff and speech nano’s. MP is very strong endgame by using inner sanctum loot and other special items.

Gauntlet buff is free but sided - which is one reason to roll alts as neutrals since neuts can get the buff from both faction NPC’s. Neutrals can also see both clan and Omni chat which is an advantage, too. Later one can chose to go Omni or Clan.

If you multibox max hard RK missions you can use MP to buff your engineer and crat and then alternate leveling a squad of characters like doctor/trader/agent with your engineer in TEAM missions. Let your melee and ranged characters sponge experience while the bot/pets slaughters the mission.

Yes, there is a trick to rolling your missions from one zone to a preferred mission zone with a whompa entrance near your mission entrance. I’ve always played Clan so I can’t help you with advice. You best bet is to travel by whompa and roll Team missions to see where the mission generator sends you; roll from Avalon and see what happens.

Some excellent dungeon leveling spots being Inner Sanctum first floor @ level 128+. With experience buffs and jobe experience clusters and gauntlet buff you’ll be getting 160k to 250k experience per kill up to level 140 or so - so remember to loot lots of the ToTW jackets to turn into temporary Inner Sanctum passes.