Updated solo leveling guide, paid and froob!

Hi guys, so I decided to make a leveling guide for both paid and froob toons. This guide takes place solely on RK and will take you through some scenic areas that are packed with mobs and fast xp. It took a while to get this guide right; I wanted to to be efficient but also obscure for the sake of being unique. I made sure to avoid any Cyborg camp, as well as any dungeon on RK. I’ve been leveling my paid toons through these zones and it’s definitely given such a better perspective than just grinding SL. In my opinion, it is much better for soloing(or you can bring teams too, obviously) and it is way more fun! If you’d like, I can also do a solo guide for SL. Let me know what you think, thanks!

Outdoor RK solo leveling guide:

Mutants, Omni Forest

  • Pos: 519.4, 2454.0
  • Mob level range: 4-21


  • Pos: 790, 850
  • Mob level range: 6-12
  • High frequency of mobs, great place to farm first Engineer pistol upgrade

Mutants, Greater Omni Forest

  • Pos: 1492.6, 612.5
  • Mob level range: 16-25

Rhinos, Varmint Woods

  • ­ Pos: 3247.7, 2148.8
  • Mob level range: 16-85
  • Be careful here

War Academy, Athen Shire

  • Pos: 1714.0, 1803.0
  • Mob level range: 19-33
  • Can be camped by powerlevelers

Rocky Outcrops, Greater Tir County

  • Pos: 1676.0, 2158.0
  • Mob level range: 22-34
  • Literally never camped, mobs are social though

Clan Camp, Greater Omni Forest

  • Pos: 2059.1, 1832.8
  • Mob level range: 24-28

Mutant Domain

  • Pos: 890.7, 945.3
  • Mob level range: 23-40
  • Beautiful zone packed with mobs, super fast xp

Blubbag Crater, Wailing Wastes

  • Pos: 2329.4, 1478.0
  • Mob level range 49-56
  • Very fast respawn, never camped, minimal movement and you get some dynas

Mine, Clondyke

  • Pos: 1913.6, 3927.7
  • Mob level range: 51-60
  • Very good concentration of mobs here

NW Mine, Lush Fields

  • Pos: 828.5, 3023.6,
  • Mob level range: 62-75

2 holes, Stret East Bank

  • Pos: 1204.6, 1369.6
  • Mob level range: 61-85

Shades, Avalon

  • Pos: 924.6, 835.2
  • Mob level 61-85

Shades, Greater Tir County

  • Pos: 780.6, 2883.7,
  • Mob level range: 72-82
  • There are a ton of shades here, incredible xp
  • Beware of the saltworms, they’re around level 130

Claws, Pleasant Meadows

  • Pos: 381.2, 769.7
  • Mob level range: 81-85

Hackers, Pleasant Meadows

  • Pos: 780.4, 880.7
  • Mob level range: 92-98
  • Fast respawn, good loot, never camped

Enigmas, Central Artery Valley

  • Pos: 1705.5, 2503.9
  • Mob level range: 100-105
  • CAV has a ton of dynas, great place to explore and level

Wine Ninjas, Belial Forest

  • Pos: 2195.8, 2509.2 and Pos: 2512.1, 2138.9
  • Mob level range: 139-140
  • There is a dyna at each spot, he’s usually weak with huge hp

Snakes on a plain, Belial Forest

  • Pos: 1097.8, 854.5
  • Mob level range: 132-150
  • There are tonnnnnns of snakes here, just move around a bit

Netrom, Southern Artery Valley

  • Pos: 1972.4, 740.9,
  • Mob level range: 151-163
  • Very unique location, one of the few “haunted” looking places in AO

After this, EFP is the only real place to farm. Primus camp is nice, so are Soul Snatchers and Medusas, all conveniently marked on your map. This will take you to 200.


Nice guide with interesting locations :heart: Thanks SharpTony.

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To add the strongest place altogether:

The Reck in general, both for paids and froobs. It resembles Shadowlands in XP per kill, with exceptional respawns and importantly, you can bring along a froob pocket healer or two.

The Reck is the only place I found that you could farm XP past 150 as a froob - and a team of froobs could do the same on the Island to the South.

There is, too, an area near to ICC which is a daily zone - completely saturated with Shade mutants.

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The old “static” missions at Mort Sentinels Outpost next to the grid terminal. Three missions entrances - from right to left increase in difficulty. The missions reset on a global reset timer of ~10 minutes (check) as long as no one enters the mission building and upsets the timer. The missions always spawn the same type of monster in the same locations no matter how many times the mission resets.

Far right mission contains Medusa and Rhinomen and a couple entwined humans. The Medusa never drop the Miy’s armor. Never. The entwined dropped a Ring of Haste, but someone said it no longer drops. Wasn’t really something worth using anyhow. The rhinomen drop rhino armor approximately QL 90-127. Very common drop. Excellent melee buffing gear for froobs. The bonus about Medusa? They never aggro on female avatars unless attacked. They are Matriarchal haters. This holds true throughout the game world including RK solo and team missions. Which can be handy when farming soul fragments in DAV etc for the VTE.

The second mission entry contains Aquaan monsters and humans. The monsters drop Miy’s Melee and Ranged armors pretty often. I’ve never seen the human mobs drop anything interesting with one exception - the two entryway mobs are always a Atrox soldier and a Bureaucrat. The Bureaucrat drops the order form to make the Crat portable bank suitcase. Not always. Sometimes three times in a row and other times not one in ten kills. The Soldier never drops anything interesting.

The far left mission contains Borgs and humans. The borg very rarely drop anything interesting (miy’s related) except for implant parts for a collection task. Mobs can get stuck in wall the far left room at the end of the hallway.

What would be nice is a discussion about equipment for solo players. Tried the game several months back and there was literally no one to talk to or group with. The gear you gather in starter area only lasts so long Did spend some time in the Subway but never got anything usable as upgrade. Kinda soured my test and logged out.

Not sure why I cant edit the last post…

This is a replay to Kalrista:

I have to say that this game isnt for everyone. If u dont feel the burn to look around the next corner even tho the struggle is great, then AO might not be for u.

I would like to add that getting into an org is pretty easy, and the abundance of friendly and helpful ppl in AO is great compared to other games.

If u give it another go, try to find a active/semi active org with ppl who interact and are helpful! Most orgs will immediately invite u to orgchat, so u can get to know them and them u. Thats when u start hammering questions and most will eagerly answer as best they can!

Good luck! :slight_smile: