Froob on Rubi-Ka 2019

Is there a way to allow froob characters on RK2019 ONLY if the “master” funcom account is a paid account with an active subscription? We need froob bank toons and need to be able to transfer items without a second paid account/others to transfer items. This server is extremely active and people are constantly doing stuff, and I hate asking people to transfer when they are most likely doing something, especially when it is something super simple.

Even if there was a level cap for froobs of level 1 so they can only be used as bank toons, or they can’t equip anything, or whatever you want to do. We just need bank toons!

Need? No… Why not argue that there’s more classes than character slots, therefore you NEED more character slots. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope.

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Considering account linking is no longer offered, this would be an unfair idea.

I would however love to welcome froobs on the new server. Not as bank characters, but as my friends and teammates.


how? You can still create new froob accounts “underneath” your paid account. You just can’t link existing accounts.

Froobs aren’t on this server because this server is meant to make money, among other things. Froob accounts are used for exploits, cred selling, etc. But if they were attached to a paid account, this isn’t an issue.

Ah I hadn’t realised that. In that case it’s a fine suggestion (although I’d still love to see froobs here).

@DJDeckardCain This comment doesn’t even make sense. You can even buy more character slots if you’d like them.

I wouldn’t mind seeing froobs around here, there just isn’t a good way to do it and still avoid exploits and cred selling, etc. Not without costing FC time/money they aren’t going to want to spend on AO policing new accounts.

It would be no different from having froobs on the main server and it’s considered worth it there.

They don’t police it there. I feel like they just don’t want to “rock the boat” per se and cancel the froob program. It’s a part of the game at this point on that server. But if they don’t introduce the program here, they never have to deal with it.

Might be just a temporary thing with froobs not allowed to get everyone to sub and pay. because content is still froobish and so everyone would play for free until SL/AI hits… FC needs money to run the server so… i expect it to be opened up for froobs in next few months.

Maybe. I’m not opposed to it personally, but I think fc may be for the reasons I said above

Nah, keep it froob free. My biggest concern with the new server is it reaches the same state as the main server. If it means losing bank toons, buff monkeys, dungeon helpers, etc. to achieve that then that’s fine by me.


We can have both if they limit our froob accounts to level 1 or unable to equip anything, etc. We don’t need buff toons or froob dungeon twinks, just bank toons. Mail is prohibitively expensive and was a way to drain credits from the economy, that isn’t needed here. We need a way to move items from one character to another, a place to keep items we want to be able to give to org mates easier, etc.

I wonder how difficult it would be to allow 2 characters on the same account to log on simultaneously. That would solve the transfer problem.

Can you “mail” stuff and credits to your alts?
I haven’t tried yet, and server is being patched, so…

I don’t see why mail can’t free and instant between chars under the same account.

I’d prefer them to keep it paid only, best way of discouraging cheaters/cred sellers etc imo.

Problem with even a level 1 froob is it offers a risk-free chance to test exploits etc. If a paid account is at risk they’re a lot less likely to be developed as the creator risks losing a paid account. And if FC were clever enough to ban any accounts with an identical payment method too it’d make it extremely high-risk for those guys.

Hence why I said only allow froob accounts that are attached to a paid account with an active subscription. Exploits will still be developed on the rk5 sure, but they are less likely to be used on RK 2019

lol how u figured that on RK19 wont be used any exploids ? on RK 19 is 4 times more population now it means there are 4 times more people who can develop something and they will do just gave it some time. im 100% sure that when come some exploid if its not alredy here it will be on RK19 and not on RK5

It’s not that it isn’t possible to find or use exploits, it is just more of a risk. on RK5, people could develop and test exploits on a froob, use a vpn, throwaway email, etc and it would be basicaly untraceable. RK6 has no froobs, so you have a paid account to lose, including credit card info which they can match to other accounts that may belong to you, etc