Suggestion - Account-wide BANK box

Account-wide BANK box, the equivalent of the size of a backpack. There could be a backpack, statically immobile, occupying the first bank compartment field. This way it would be clearly visible what it is.

This way, it would be much faster to create order, and you wouldn’t have to create an extra Froob account just to exchange things between the game characters. Yes, I know, that is also possible by MAIL, but that is now just as impractical as to start a 2nd AO Froob account for it.

@FC - Think of it as a Feature for Paid Accounts.

Account banks have been mentioned many times, alas without effect. But FC should reconsider them as it could be a source of income for FC, so worth putting some time into it. And of course a source of satisfaction for players; which is also a positive things for FC.

Disclaimer: of course I would love to have this for free… but we know resources are not infinite at the moment. (And getting upgrades like the new Subway, Temple, etc is already a wonderful thing.)

A “common bank” in which you put the items you want to share (like buff items) with your other characters of the same account could be a paid upgrade -or not- for paid accounts. And it could be a one-time paid upgrade for free accounts. Then both types of accounts could go further with upgrades.

So, It could even be a way to have free accounts pay a little something if they want to. (Yes this is evil.) Imagine all orgs banks built upon froobs characters (as AO has no org bank feature), or froobs banks for players: people will NEVER get a paid account for org banks or their personal banks. Trying to make them do so would end up in an uproar.

But I’m quite confident they would buy a one-shot upgrade, then another upgrade when needed, etc. to be able to easily move, find, and access items. I know I would for org banks (and for myself, both paid accounts or free banks).

In AoC or TSW/TSWL, players have the possibility to buy, with FC points, extra “rows” or slots for inventories or banks. (Banks and inventories are very limited there even if there is way less items than in AO, and there is nothing like a “bag” that you can put in an inventory like in AO, move, etc; the bag in AoC is just a graphic feature indicating a size upgrade.)

So, imagine the following (numbers are arbitrary for the sake of example):

                          Free account               Paid account

Account bank at start     0 slot (no account bank)   10 slots or whatever number

Open an account bank      xxx FC points or money     Included, with the "10" slots above

Buy 10 more slots         x FC points                x-15% FC points
                                                     small deduction for paid accounts
Buy more slots            etc

Players get a most-wanted feature that totally makes sense, and in reasonable conditions.

FC offers satisfaction to the Community, and makes some extra money.

As or the emplacement of the account bank, it could as well be in the right or left bottom menus (easier to program than a special steady bag in the bank as suggested by the original poster IMO, and much easier and convenient than special “legacy” terminals around the world à la SWTOR), or wherever as it would be anyhow immensely useful to manage banks content.

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Let me add my “2 cents” to it.
I’d love to see credit limit in GMI and on account to be greatly increased, especially in current economy realily. It’s been a damn while since prices went skyhigh and most items started to cost way over 1bil. And current credit limitations on GMI and account make it difficult for some operations.
Besides, I can’t really see a reason to make any kind of limit on credits at all, except maybe amount of pixels it’ll take to show, let’s say, 100bil on a character.

Very well summarized, I like it very much!

This is also interesting enough as a feature to buy. I’d buy that in a heartbeat, of course!
And there would be less BANK Twinks after that, just sitting around stupidly somewhere :wink:

So @FC what are you waiting for? :wink: Just such useful features in the store would surely be a big seller. Or did you want to continue to sell Gridjump pots that no one buys because they are available to huge stacks in the GMI, such an item you can also finally take out, and bring instead the Megaseller “Account -wide BANK access”, for it in the store :wink:

I think the community has some nice ideas, but FC no longer interested, the store content has hardly changed since 2018, no people, no time, too few paid accounts? I see now 2021, much more real active players than that was the case in 2018. But maybe I’m wrong, only FC knows the real numbers.

but for now, i have to log in my Froob to exchange some Items, brb :wink:

What AO needs is a credits squish overall by let’s say a number of 10 which would make the GMI limit of 4b worth 40b which i think is currently enough even to buy a grace.

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It’s not 100% accurate but in terms of increase% it should be close.

It does indeed have more active players now than it did in 2018 :slight_smile:

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