Building a complete froob setup over multiple accounts

I’m an old player returning to the game after a break of a few years.
I used to have a paid account with some 220s on it that I used to use for almost everything and want to replace them (for most parts) with froob characters i’m trying to come up with a good setup. I still have a decent amount of credits left (~1B + a backpack full of different QL viralbots)

Solo totw, biomare, CoH, high lvl Dynas, unique RK mobs, tradeskills, buffs.


  • totw engineer with warbot, beacon warp (account 1) (already done)
  • Biomare Burocrat with high pet/dog of war pistol. (account 1)
  • CoH engineer beacon warps in high lvl Enf (account 2) (currently lvl 150ish leveling on daily missions)
  • Dynas GA4 fixer? Not sure if this is the best option (account 4)
  • Tradeskills/Buffs Trader (account 3) (slowly leveling 150ish Trader)
  • Buffs MP (account 3) (Done)
  • Buffs Agent (account 2) (Done)
  • Buffs Doc (account 2) (Done)

So the MP/Trader are on different accounts than the Eng/Buro for easy buffing.
Fixer will be on completely separate account for f-grid access and buffing.


  1. Is a froob trader gonna be enough for most common tradeskills like implants?
  2. Is a fixer still the best for soloing high lvl content as a froob?
  3. Is a crat good to solo director/TIM in biomare?
  4. Am I missing something vital?

I’m doing the same thing but really SLOW (since um, 2009, when the pop started going away :slight_smile: ) 70+ froob alts all but one below 100.

  1. While traders and engy’s are almost equivalent in TS’ing I believe engy’s have a slight edge. I could be wrong.

  2. Probably? It certainly is the best for money making. My paid main is a 220 fix.

  3. Aiken where are you? :smiley: Haven’t done it but a twinked crat should be able to handle it.

  4. GMI. Only paid can sell there. Froobs can search it but not sell. Even with our low population I make around 30m/week with dyna & blitzed loot.

  5. Finding a good org is essential.

In absolute terms, yes I think that’s true, but as the engy TS buffs are SL only, I feel a froob trader ends up being a slightly more versatile TSer, as they can self buff as required. They also become a good middleman for selling items for credits in the trader shop.

1. Is a froob trader gonna be enough for most common tradeskills like implants?

Yes, but with caveats. Is the Trader nanomage? I assume you’ll want to do everything yourself with little to no outside help. You need to get all the Halloween stuff NOW. Beg for help looting QL220ish stuff if possible or whatever the QL200ish breakpoints are for specific pieces of gear.

MP crafting standard RK implants (Advanced Symbol Manipulation.) Fixer strips implants (Breaking and Entering). Crat for some Jobe cluster implants (Psychology). You’ll need rancorous/love/primitive focus-funneling helpers for your trader or engie.

Froob endgame Engie/Trader are pretty similar as long as engie gets trader tradeskill buffs. A good bellwether would be making QL225 Cyborg Service Towers because you’ll need to swap gear, buffs and implants. That’s just one example. VTE’s; unmaking rings and making ingots; filigree shadowland rings.

2. Is a fixer still the best for soloing high lvl content as a froob?

Why solo if you’ve got a multibox team? Eh, GA4 fixer is tough to beat but people will still argue the point. Froob soloing Inner Sanctum’s first floor boss Fezael is a good test.

3. Is a crat good to solo director/TIM in biomare?

Are you talking about a twinked character that requires no outside buffs?

4. Am I missing something vital?

Yeah. Each character should be on a separate froob account.

Thanks for the help, at least I know i’m on the right path.

  1. I’ll have to think about which tradeskills I want to do, trader is soli so might not be the best overall.
  2. I’m not a big fan of multiboxing so GA4 fixer is probably still enough to do most of the important content. I’ll see if I can find a good org who can maybe help me with some 220s if I ever need anything more. Being slow isn’t really a problem, I used to enjoy soloing LotV and the inf dragons with my doc (30-50 minutes per kill)
  3. I’m thinking about a bit of twinking and using pocket MP for buffs to keep bot up.
  4. Not all characters are on different accounts but most are. All new ones definitely will be.
  5. I used to run my own org as general (Dark Side) but it died over the years so I will be looking for a new one.

Whatever character you decide to use as main tradeskiller will be swapping weapons, gear and implants to get things done - which means the tradeskilling character will never be a finished raid geared character. Swapping Cloak of the Reanimated 5/5 doesn’t make sense, but swapping a 4/5 does. A defensive/addalldef geared Trader can swap combat/ tradeskill items and still perform well doing both things.

A raid geared engie wearing a 5/5 coat and all the froob endgame stuff makes for a pretty strong character. You can get right in the thick of it, take a decent beating, and still do well.

The trader suffers a bit because nanite drains may fail to land on raid bosses and minions - which means you spend time maintaining a drain pet - that or you lose your drain ladder. Which happens because someone in the raid kills your calmed drain pet. It’s a bit fiddly and annoying to say the least.

You could run a buff-dedicated low level MP down foreman’s to the director’s room hallway and perma-park it between the double doors? That way you can always use OE bot/charms/calms.