Making credit on rk19?

So kinda hard to start toon without any credit to level and gear myself since subway and mission doesn’t give the cash so any one could help? (Drakengie)

Simpliest but grindy way is making Blood Plasma. It does need you to ip into pharmacy but if you can make QL200’s a full bp (21) nets around 4m creds (I seem to remember 7m but not sure) or mmore if you can find a friendly trader to sell it in the Trader Shop.

Blitzing “Find Person” missions from a mission terminal is another option.

Traditionally mission blitzing is the most accessible money-maker. You can blitz for items like Battle Suits that sell well to vending machines, or blitz for specific rollable items of value like L10 concrete cushions and sell those on tradenet.

Look up clicksaver and AO mission blitzing guides, enjoy