Best way to get Victory Points?

Hey guys - Skyenf here. Wondering if running through LE missions is the only way to get VP. Seems like it’ll take forever to get all my chars what they need. Is there another way – something I may have forgotten? Cheers!

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hey hey :blush:

The fastest way by far is by doing Battlestations. You get VP’s for winning and (less) for losing. Make sure to also pull the daily mission from the antique shop in Borealis for extra VP; about the same as for a win, but you get it whether you win or lose.

Depending on time of day and level it can be hard to get a round to start. In that case LE missions is probably indeed your best bet.

Hey Saavick - thanks for the answer mate. I meant in the new server, sorry I should have clarified. I went in the Bor shop but john smith was missing - is the PvP daily from someone else or is that only on the main/old server?

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If you got time, you can farm miners - they drop decent ammount of VP each kill.

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Ah you’re right, the mission is not available on RK2019. You were at the right place. You can still do Battlestation though, but I don’t have any info on if it runs or not I’m afraid.

On RK19, its probably best to farm notum miners.

Yup until we get bartender daily. Then farm the Tara mission.

On RK19 Miners is the sure fire but tedious way to get vp. If you are level 215+, if you work a little at it you can get a battlestation farming round going which is much much faster. You can also buy the packs if you have the cash to throw around. LE/Alien missions are nice for VP in the sense that you are also getting AXP at the same time but they wont really do for VP focused farming.