Conquest trophies

Hello. Are there any way to get conquest trophies fast?
I know that they drop fro pvp chests in minigames by 2-4 (too small)
and from Bori sacrifice by 12(18 via premium). For 30+ minutes of digging - too small.
Because for 1 t3 pvp item u need 1000 of them.
What else? Pvp festival? or other options?

Just pvp normally and you will have more than enough before you are pvp 10.

man im already pvp 10. one fking item costs 1000 of them while per mini i ger 5-6 of them. maybe 5 yars ago it was waorking but not now!

You get 15 throphies from 1 minigame trophy at PvP merchant

really? ITS FKING OBVIOS! so i need 60 for t3 gear piece and 1000 conuest ones, simple mathematics - 1000\15=55.5, so i need 60+55 minigames for ONE item

If you are PvP 10 and you didnt do Bori or PvP events you must have done lots of minigames. Hopefully you wun some

aaand i have 2 pieces of pvp t3 gear. And one weapon. thats all. And this is SO stupid that trere are NO other way to grind this trophies faster. Even bori digging is uneffective because 18 ptrophies per hour is too LITTLE!

well, you can always buy those thingies to prevent a reset of your pvp quest (whatever its called). if you have an active sub and win a lot of minis you should get a ton of token in no time. there may even be a way to exploit it…or so i heard. ffs stop whining. its an mmo where progression needs time. otherwise you’re better off with a single player rpg. you will appreciate a hard earned armor way more than an instant reward for no effort.

its stupid that 90% pvp players on minigames have this armor while new dont, so if i will try to obtain that badges only from minigames it will be 2+ years to have full set. And bad that this is group content, cause online in this game too small, so i have to wait until evening to play some minis

Do you think its fair to speed up throphies gain even more?
There are many players that has gained those throphies in a much slower pace then possible now, and these players put in alot of time to gain the armour. It kinda kills their effort if Funcom now suddenly gave pvp 10 gear away.

And we all wonder why we have an item shop selling gear in our game.

Honestly, this type of instant gratification personality disorder is fu**ing up the gaming industry left right and centre.

Just play the minis and have fun…

i dont have any fun playing vs full aa full t3 pvp vets with t5 weapons while i can only have t1 gear and some t4 wep from RF because this game has SO LOW population that there are no chance to get in actual raids or play JS and other minigames!

for some reasons, some people can clear raids almost every day. why can’t you do that too ?

what people? with no job and life? in which guild? one? destiny?

Dawnsong, Destiny, Knights of Avalon, Meathooks Minions. Even Satetka might have a special place for you in his raiding force

That’s naughty! :rofl:

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I had to :smiley:

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Easier said than done. Those raids are ran in some bad times, when most often people dont or cant play.

As for pvp? Suggesting we play more Minis is a stupid suggestion. New players will get wiped by full AA t4 geared players. You have to rely on luck to win. So far, I myself won 1 in 20 matches. In no idiotic way will I play garbage like that

There are even more guilds and raidforces out there, who mainly raid at the US or EU primetimes. That are the times most people can play. As always, nothing is stopping you from forming a raid(force) yourself. This takes time and dedication. The tactics and mechanics are easy to find, and there are more than enough raidleaders left who are willing to teach or take you to their raids to learn how to lead.

Additionally, without starting a discussion about the content itself, I want to add that bori can be done much faster than 30 minutes per altar.

I undertand. Alt farming is the fastest and easiest way to get t3 pvp gear. Bye.