How and where to get the Victory Tokens?

Gonna start a soft grind for the the tokens. Can someone explain to me how their aquisition works, when they can be grinded for etc. And…how long will it actually take to grind 500 of them? A guide for this and more about victory token would be awesome.

Edit: This is an expanded request, so i can get all info in one place, and actually make a separate thread for this.


Victory tokens are obtained in the PvP event. I’ve been farming it for a few years and last year I finally got the Ill-Mannered Associate, which costs 150. I had bought a couple of cheaper pets before though. The pet you want costs 500 and I’ve only seen one player with her. You’ll have to farm the event 24/7 (and win the events) for years and years and years.

Was pretty easy to farm them on saga, i had around 500 of them for example.

In this new Saga, sure, but in Crom you just have 1 week per month, where events have 20 minute wait time after each one ends. It’s extremely slow, and boring these days since it rarely involves any PvP anymore. That’s why I wrote that thread asking for event system in Crom to mimic the new one in Saga a long time ago.

Is she high quality, and does she have assassin animations?

How long would this take on fury?

Try 1 event and do the maths, there are too many factors, like you being able to win one or your playtime. No one can tell you how long it would take.

For gullah and solo arena win u get 2 tokens. For team arena and fields of slaughter win 1 token. Every new event starts with ~20min frequency. Do your math.

Check this:

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Yeah, the moment i found out shes a companion i am all over pvp haha. Even i laughed when i realised it.
What one doesnt do for their favourite character these days eh? (just grinding out all the stuff i need for him to have all i need, keeps me going in the game :P)

Now i am actually considering to moving from Crom to Fury…but man…without T6…i feel like im doomed…

It confuses me tho, how do i have 6 tokens on my character? i never participated in those…

Before Saga of Blood there was an « event » with different daily rewards, you probably get it from this event, but i’m not sure

hmm…sounds familiar…what was the max VT you could get from that log in event?

Honestly I don’t remember

oh well, at least i know where i couldve gotten them from…

Kinda sad i didnt know a lot of things back then…would be a different situation…DAMMIT

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I don’t see why you would need T6 gear to move to Fury, and I think that the event in Fury is as slow as in Crom. Only in this new Saga of Blood is the event much faster.

With the old system, you can get 15-30 victory tokens after farming the event one month, or at least as much as I farmed it. Considering it’s a PvE event now, if you don’t have an alt to farm or don’t get invited to the power group, then you can’t win anything but solo arena if you play better than the rest. This is, anyway, very boring to me now, because you have to wait 20 long minutes between events, and I don’t see many duels anymore in that wait time.

In Saga, with the new system, you finish an event and in 5 minutes or less the next one starts, and then add the fact that it has PvP, and you get a proper PvP event. I think one reason the event is dead in Crom, or has degraded into alt-farm, is due to the fact that it is so slow. Even if you have someone to duel, 20 minutes is a really long time to be dueling anyway.

So, if you compare the pace of both systems, you can get the same amount of tokens at least 4 times faster in Saga, making years-grind into months-grind. If we could get this new system to replace the old one in Crom and Fury, not only would the PvP event be more fun for me, but I think some pvpers who got tired of it would play it again, and properly: PvP and not alt-farm, and more than 2 groups fighting each other.

yeah that would be great, and i could get her as well :stuck_out_tongue:
Will see how it goes tho…MAYBE if luck pans out, the log in rewards wont be Sh*t and we get pvp rewards or something…AA is getting tiring

i figured that ppl wear t6 most of the time, in fury you would be pretty screwed without t6?

T6 has pretty large pvp debuffs, similar to the weapons. 1 or 2 classes can make decent use of it in pvp, but for the others it is a pretty large hinderance.

i am a Conq. I got t3/4 Heavy gear and almost full epic wolf set. Any recommendations here?