Is this correct about ENF Nano


Hi guys,

I have started an Enforcer on the new Rk2019 forums.

On n the old one, you would get a starter nano in Arete’s landing called Thugs Delight. (adds 14 1HB and stackable)

I have searched all the basic shops and its nowhere.

I have been told that you can only get that Nano if you BUY the Backyard pack, which seems crazy that such a low level nano can only be paid for with real money.

Before i go on a rant, can someone confirm if this is correct and if not, where can i obtain it? (mission, dyna etc).

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yes its correct that nano isnt normal in game only if u buy that backyard package. i senset petition of that and FC didnt care about answering me.
some other people what i know petitioned that to and get some stupid answer that FC doenst discus about vendors shop or something like that


Thank you for answering.

Well that’s pretty pathetic from FC to be fair, but not much i can do about it.

Whats even more stupid, the equivalent nano’s for Piercing, 1HE, 2HE etc are actually in the shops.

Pay £120 a year to be told I need to pay more for a nano that is on the other server.

Good lord FC


yea its literaly 600 fc points for one nano couse rest is useles. but there are peoples who have that nano so u can get it but u have to spaming on chat


the most idiotic thing here is that its all due to an oversight by funcom in the first place, that nano used to be a startup nano, every enfo got it at level 1, but it was never available in shops. Their solution, rather than add it somewhere on arete, or simply add it to the shops? Make players pay 600 funcom points to unlock the nano along with a bunch of useless garbage that is only interesting to a complete noob player.


Don’t get me started on this s***.

They did the same with the fixer Nanos but fixed one of them. If I remember right. I’ve been hunting kami-sunglasses for years for newer toons over this crap. They just don’t care at all about this game.

Game needs sold to a company that cares for it as it as much the players do.