Frontline Survereyor armor set not received

On April 15, 2019, I purchased the One year bonus to RK 2019 because I wanted the Frontline armor set but never received it instead I received a bug to my account 4 pioneer bp 4 of the different Nanos 4x filling my bp from the beginning of making a new character no armor I petition in game the arc who answered said nothing he could do about it to email support I did support emailed me back and said they are not taking issues thru email go their website and make a ticket so I did make a ticket to Account/Billing again no email back, no response I wrote to tech support No email back no response I know there a person who looks at these that can’t solve these issue and will say this is not the place to post this issue but where else can you be heard when you ignored thru the right channels it been almost a Month without the armor I paid for I got a level 100 without armor if I knew it was to be poor support I would have paid for the Month instead of the year if you wish to keep me quite remove this topic from the forum .

I re newed 2 accounts 12 months each and got nothing, no nano’s, no armor, no phasefront, on one account I stil have not got my FC points, and have not got any pioneer backpacks, or any replies to my multiple emails. I am really close to requesting my money back. I have been in AO since 2004 so come on FC hook me up like you should.

ive been playing ao since 05 and the supports never been this bad, people (including myself) cant even activate thier accounts for weeks, and customer service is almost non-existent to solve any of these issues.

because their games arent that popular it doesnt catch mainstream media’s attention, but funcom has to be one of the most poorly run gaming companies in the industry right now.

I don’t believe there any support to this game I wish Funcom would refund my 1 yr paid sub. for armor I never received It feels like I was scammed every time I log on i’m reminded to buy Frontier armor I do have 2 suggestions buy thru PayPal you can report to PayPal to look into this and buy only a month sub till FC gets a support team these are only my suggestions sad a once great game is now neglected.

If you are in the US, I recommend filing a complaint with the FTC. I already have, and also emailed funcom they have 14 days from when I canceled my account to give me a pro-rated refund, or I will be issuing a charge-back with reference number to the FTC claim I have made.

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I took your advice tyvm I also see PayPal dropped there service to FC I know why no support people are getting angry i have a theory i believe FC will drop game in a year take the monie and be gone. as the Support team already have left.