Tutoring Expertise Nano

The tutoring expertise nano has been gone from shops since the server merge and the various composite nano’s were re-worked. Tutoring expertise did not end up on any of the new composites.

Please ADD Tutoring Expertise to the Utility Composites, the first one we get in Arete as a new toon.



For now there is a graft from smugglers den for tutoring. A bit extreme I know but good news nonetheless.

If you cannot get there let me know a character name and I will mail you one.


Now we just need a graft for the old 2hb enfo startup crystal, weapon enhancement (+5 damage), and LR Energy Weapon Expertise!

EDIT: this post may be suitable for the bug report section

I hadn’t noticed the absence of the startup nano for enforcers or the +5 damage nano.

I had assumed the LR Energy Weapon Expertise had been removed from shops because the LR Energy Weapon +20 to skills is included in the re-worked Ranged Weapon Composite nano.

As to these being in a bug report, they seem to be something forgotten vs broken or needing fixing.


While you are correct is in the composite ranged buff, people want the old expertise as well because it (incorrectly) stacks with the composite buff allowing you to buff it by 40 with general buffs instead of the usual 20. Fun fact this is also true for Grenade and Heavy Weapons expertise buffs which are also no longer available.

Sounds more like a bug fix to the composite ranged nano needs to be done than for the expertise buffs to be put back in game.

Another example is Psychology in Composite Utility. I suspect there is a limit of 6 nano lines per nano which is not easy to fix, rather than something that was missed. :blush:

I’d say put all the old nano’s back in some terminal somewhere, for the people who like to min/max their characters. Put it in some obscure place similar to the Smuggler Den Broker if it’s considered newbie-unfriendly or confusing to have these in the general shops.
(And if they could last 4h too that would be lovely :smiley: :heart:)

The Composite Martial Prowess Expertise has in it: Run speed, Nano delta, Heal delta. :stuck_out_tongue: Just to confuse people. How many would think to look in a ’ Melee ’ nano for those.

More missing: Improve Health and Healing


Healing is a major one! some professions actually used it for a long time since you could pretty reliably spam it if you didn’t care about regular hit damage.

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