Weird Nano's Difference between skills to upload and reported skills to use the Improved nano


I noticed that the nano Improved Cut Red Tape details of the skills to cast it are 539 of BM & PM when you look at it in running in your ncu and the description in AOItems. However to upload the Weird Nano it requires your skills to be 200 points higher … 738 BM & PM.

Is this accurate? If I buff to have the 738 PM & BM in order to upload the weird nano will I be able to cast the Improved nano with the lower skills noted in the Improved nano description?



Weird looking nanos all seem work this way,( retaining part of the lower versions discription) the other way to get improved cut red tape is from the greedy shade as a nano in it’s own right; I think it still has the same description though if anyone that got it that way can confirm ?