Store prices on RK2019 adjustmentto reflect the current economy


Dear Funcomme

Would it be possible for you to adjust the prices of general items to reflect the state of the economy?

The prices are set the same as the shops on the norma; server - expensive items to drain the excess of credits out of the economy.

As RK2019 is a new server with a good stable economy that hasn’t gone boobies up yet, normal regular things that everyone needs are ridiculously priced.

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4 days of continuous blitzing to afford 1 set of ql150 implants. 2m for a basic imp x 13, + clusters, + tips for someone to assemble them. On top of those 13 imps, you will need to make treatment and complit imps too, and maybe some agility/stamina imps. It really adds up fast. It’s pretty easy to spend 50m on just 1 set of imps for 1 toon.
Though it can be done cheaper by buying the empty imps from another player (who are charging 500k-1m each), but still, this is not how i wanted to spend my time on the new server.

I can think of better ways to spend my time, like actually playing the game and helping others with quests, and not days of blitzing just to afford basic equipment.
On top of that you have the (overpriced) cost of shop nanos and having to blitz/buy 125+ nanos
When you log in for a few hrs each day and have to grind, grind, grind RK missions over and over, I can tell you that time seems wasted.

The price of RK19 shop items should definitely have been reduced to reflect the new rk19 economy.

As Skuly said, “…it doesn’t hurt veterans on live…”, because they can just throw 500m at a new toon without even a dent in their wallet. But it affects new players dramatically, when they find out they have to grind for days/weeks to afford some basic equip, it leaves a bad taste.

No wonder the rk19 population dropped by a huge amount after the first 30 days were up.


You realize that you dont really need 150+ imps, right?
Everyone seems to be playing just to be supertwinks…
At level 100, you can easily clean these imps, and they will be far cheaper…
And your days of blitzing to aford them will seem stupid.
This level cap is five days away.
The drop of players is due to the fact that the nostalgia tourists have started departing.
So if you want to be among the best, you need to pay the price.
If you question the price, you are not among the best.


Maybe he dont need, but he wants.
Dont you?
Yes, good tip for all players.
just lol…
Yes you are correct.
Shouldn’t be that way, at least not on new server, not yet.
lol again…

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Funcom SHOULD have realized this and adjusted the prices before opening the new server. I think it’s too late now. I think new players (who don’t know the tricks to making credits) will become frustrated and give up eventually and this will become a copy of the normal Rubi-Ka server.

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ICC shops I refer to the most, I know neut stores are usually most expensive anyway or however the side xp bonus falls, but a lot of this stuff (the stuff ql125+) was priced to drain at least some of the schploited credits out of the economy. This (afaik) isn’t a problem on 19 now, although I have noticed ebay ads occasionally but not so much recently.


Yes please.

At least get rid of the insane price multipliers on the neutral stores. If you compare the Basic, Advanced and Superior vendors in ICC and other neutral shops the pricing in the Basic one is mostly ok, but same QL item in the Advanced booth costs more than double and if same QL stuff would be available in the superior shop it would cost more than 10 times the basic price.

There’s no reason for this on the new server.

Also the basic pricing should be adjusted a bit on some items, like implants, nanos and NCU.


I think it would be great if they could adjust prices, certain things like NCU’s are obscene. Though, I think imp prices are fine at ~2-3mil for high quality.

I don’t think they can change them though as the patches are mirrored between RK5 and RK2019, just expansions are turned off. I don’t know if they can change here and not there, correct me if I am wrong.


“I don’t think they can change them though as the patches are mirrored between RK5 and RK2019, just expansions are turned off. I don’t know if they can change here and not there, correct me if I am wrong.”

Lmao…ofcource they can change them, they might even have a flag in the server config for adjusting global prices of shops.

Not to mention the fact that clan and Omni see different prices at shops is a good indicator they might already be very familiar with how to change shop price with a modification of a value in the code or whatever. It would of been super easy for them to do this 5-10 years ago when people were asking for it


And it’s funny my post got flagged for connecting someone to this conversation but they are allowed to call a large portion of the game population entitled QQ’ers becuase we have the nerve to be disatisfied with a game feature in a game we pay money to play.

And then th person doesn’t bother to read what I say becuase I write too much… even though I totally shattered thier idiotic claim that paying customers don’t have a right to voice thier opinion and disatisfaction with a game feature…they even went so far as to say it’s not an opinion but just QQ.

I find that these people on here who put people on blast for posting postative or neutral criticism are what ruined the forum for some people over the years or at the very least caused much frustration in-game.

You should not be afraid to share your ideas and opinion because people like that belittle you and disrespectful you, but unfortunately that has been the case for a long time and I stupidity decided to come back to this forum years later to have to deal with the same nonsense.

This might be flagged too but I don’t care, I’m done with this whole forum again.


Not sure how it took you 4 ‘continuous’ days to blitz ~30m. That is like 10 hours max of blitzing for me.

Also, no need to buy the over-priced imps from the store. Ql 150-180s drop frequently off reck borgs, and I was able to get about 10-15 of these after a couple of hours of kiting borgs (albeit not always the pieces i need, but lots of people sell other pieces for less than store).


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Discussion here is generally quite constructive. Most here are great to talk with. But just because you have an idea doesn’t mean it is a good one.

Don’t be defensive when we discuss it. If you cannot handle it, a public forum is maybe not the right outlet for you.


So now my ideas are actually ideas and not just me being an entitled QQ’er?

According to you people aren’t allowed to ask for change because Funcom was kind enough to offer it to us…so using your logic from the other thread Funcom doesn’t even need to offer us nano’s or implants so we should just be happy they offer it at all and to speak out about shop prices is being an entitled QQ’er.

PS: I wasn’t planning to log back into the forums but I came back to the forums real quick because I have something to add to the other topic about daily login rewards but I saw your comment here and decided to respond real quick.


It seems like some people have an easier time advancing and because of it they get to the level cap right away and learn how to efficiently make creds and get what they want.

But then there are other like me, some people will call it being a loser or lazy or whatever because of their narrow minded view of others behavior and mentalities but I make advancements slowly and struggle at times, its even harder in 2019 than it was in 2004-2006 because I am not logged in to the game 6-24 hours a day… yeah in 2006 i actually played AO almost 48 hours on a weekend and was able to put in many hours a day… I cant even stay awake 48 anymore let alone play an online game long anymore. I get bored easily and end up making and playing new characters instead of focusing on one or two which as a “new player” holds you back.

Ok so my point is that some people don’t have a problem with shop prices and being able to get to the point they can “blitz” missions for credits or whatever but others do.

The other thing is that if lvl 75-125 store bought implants were a lot cheaper it would allow those who struggle to get a boost and have a chance to maybe advance quicker now that they got on better gear.

I know that helping those less well off is seen as handouts or socialism and not good but that is bs.
How many times has someone who knows more and has more taken their time to help a newb and it made a huge impact. How many times has someone taken a newb and power leveled them and it helped make them fall in love with the game (yeah it can ruin the game for some people too though)

I have so many examples and so much to say about that but I have already said a lot so.

TLDR: Some people advance slow and struggle with different aspects of the game while others excel.
Funcom should of lowered shop prices before 2010 or whenever there was a large influx of new players because maybe it would of helped some of them stick around.

They spent time trying to make it easier for new players, added daily missions and illegal modified ofab and tons of small changed that helped new players who weren’t as good as others but they never lowered prices on shop items even though it had been asked for over the years.


I know it’s not what you want, but Clicksaver is an option. You can get everything you need, with a few exceptions. I always liked doing missions. I’m not exactly sure why; maybe it was the random nature of chest loot that kept me interested, or the team mission boss loot.

Anyhow, I wish you luck.


The fact that you fell for that should give you pause.

The only difference between your opinion and QQ is their opinion.


Why does this matter to you exactly?

I’m also fine with taking things slow, like in the old days.

But store bought implants didn’t even exist when I first started playing, in 2001.

Not being able to buy every single nano also existed back then, although I now recognize that’s part of the “interesting choices” devs delight in, although it took me awhile to realize I should not buy every shop nano.

And back then, only a fool would ever buy armor from shops, except for med suits. Camping terminals for weapons, sure. And I still do so for NCU, because it’s always been part of the game, to minimize the cost, primarily because of minimizing the IP cost. Because unlike armor, weapons and NCU drops generally sucked for soloists.

i.e., I’m only playing RK2019 because I like how hard AO was. I’m really disappointed how easy RK2109 is. Yeah, store bought implants are expensive, but they didn’t even exist back when I started playing AO. Difficulty has nothing to do with store prices, levels allowed, etc. It was difficult because you could not reasonably afford to buy from stores, as you can now, you had to re-equip your gear upon death, people were camping insurance terminals in PvP zones, because if you didn’t insure, your exp was lost forever, not regained as it is now, and the Everquest crowd, as most of us was then, had no idea that reputation did not matter in AO (and still doesn’t), as it did in EQ.\

Worrying about shop prices is silly in comparison. As if someone could not eventually afford to buy from shops, although everyone eventually can. It just takes some people longer than others, depending on their judgement of what is important to buy.

However, SL, which I first played long after the pack had moved on, makes my eye twitch, since it’s tough to solo, except for the “dungeon” content, ironically. It’s the overland content, such as my HP’s knocked down to 1 to gain access to important areas, which I’ve been told recently has been fixed, but I’ve lost interest already, ya know?

Yet I’m posting here. Because I do not want AO to die.


Most of the items in the advanced/superior terminals wasnt available for purchase in those QL’s before. You had to find or blitz them, so if you’re buying those things you’re doing it out of comfort instead of doing the work for them.

You can still buy cheap clusters from omni/clan terminals, you just have to run around shops to get the right QL’s. Implants you couldnt get in specific QL’s above 125 before, so that hasnt really changed (not to mention that pre-made ones only went to QL 100).

If you dont want to pay for them, then do the work instead :slight_smile:

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Good point, but still… You dont see it ridiculous that QL200 64ncu is 10mil in advanced booth and same item in superior is 20mil? I hope everyone has seen that…