[Returning Player] Replacement for removed QoL traveling

Open world player cities and their bar whompas , gone
Low lvl team grid nanos , gone
Phasefront vehicle nanos , effectively gone

I’m not finding any alternatives to these yet. I do see they have resolved the ToTW issue of returning.

The best alternative is a recall beacon. Via ICC Missions you can earn ICC Commendations. With 10 of these commendations you can buy an ICC Peace Keeper Recall Beacon. One of these missions, the Freelancers Inc mission, also has a small chance (about 10% I think) to reward you with a Damaged Freelancers Inc Recall Beacon. Alternatively you can buy various beacons in the item store.

The most obvious replacement for Phasefront vehicles is a yalmaha, which you can buy in tower shops.

Yalmaha is not really a replacement for phasefront vehicles though, since it has to be equipped in Hud 1. Phasefront bikes are nanos.

Some of the Yalms from the item store are also nanos, but those are extremely expensive because they are not account wide while the old phasefront points (and thus the vehicles effectively) were account wide.

Item store options are out, so is expansion content. I do have a Yalm already on most chars. Problem as I pointed out, returning from far off locations after a mission or dungeon delving. Is nice the totw issue got resolved.

I agree there should be the nano version of the yalm available if more expensive.

The only thing you can do is wait for anniversary and get the clio yalm, its a nano and free ingame.

Otherwise as above get the icc beacon ingame and maybe a lvl100 froob fixer for fgrid.

P.s. many profs have grid/warp, check aoitems to make sure!