About phasefront vehicles and mechs

this post is for a perspective of a newplayer that never played anarchy back in the day so correct me if i am saying something wrong or update me if i missed something i saw that lot of stuff changed until this day so i read about these phasefront vehicles that took my curiosity i went down google to search for cool images of the vehicles and even youtube i liked a lot the hover bikes and etc… but i dig up a bit around google and there was info about the vendor being in the middle of a lake in newlands i got there searched all around and nothing then i found out that they moved the store into the icc hq but i was there before when i first started the game i really though there was a vehicle shop because of the banners outside but it was only a showcasing of the vehicles we can encounter in the game there was an npc there with a robot but both dont sell any of these phasefront vehicles i know so far that the mechs and armored suits are from expansion thats ok but these phasefronts can be bought by everyone isnt it? so today i did little more digging about these unique vehicles to find out that they removed from the game and put into ‘‘veteran’’ shop that the price is so high that players can not afford or prefer not to buy since takes tons of time and also that they put these vehicles in the item store? i kinda saw a few there but there was no hover bike or board at first i thought it was only a few they decided to put there and the others in game currency so why they decided to change these vehicles to be so ‘‘impossible’’ to get? before wasnt? why they decided to this? with such unique and awesome vehicles i mean for the sake of variety its boring see people just flying around with yalms i also saw a few people flying around these phasefront vehicles where they bought? so these phasefront vehicles make a charm in this game it gives more life makes the game unique it seems these devs did a dumb decision not to mention why the hell they locked mechs behind paywalls? hell they could at least put some other mechs froobs could afford to buy within game currency and i read that the mechs was designed only to defeat freaking turrets? for real? could be used for so much more hell we could even had some kinda of mech battles with npcs and players stuff like that i am amazed how none of people from funcom had this great ideia its only logical since we are talking about a complex/sandbox/mmorpg game and i dont believe they dont had the people or the resources to do it something happened thats for sure the mechs have cool animations and if you leave the mechs they persist there until you get back thats really cool feature they could even put the vehicles to work like a inventory like in fallen earth and black desert that we can store our stuff in the vehicles and so on they could do so much more but i doubt they will be back to change or add new stuff what a shame really.

Ok, that was a wall of text that was quite hard to read, but I’ll try to give you some answers:

  • Newland Phasefront Vendor: Yeah, most of us are pretty disappointed by the decision to remove this. The vehicles have started to appear again, but as part of the subscribers “Daily Reward” list.

  • Mechs: Check out AO Universe’s guide for Mechs and the two PvM encounters where they are useful here and here.

  • Froob Mechs: AO hasn’t committed to the Freemium model, i.e. monetising free players through micro-transactions, and still seems to prefer to keep most of the content as subscriber exclusive. The merit of this choice is debatable.

  • New Mechanics: some cool ideas there, would be interesting to see something like that implemented, but the AO engine is old and clunky, so not sure if it would have the flexibility for something like that.

There is still lots of items obtainable for froobs that are interesting and unique if that’s what you’re after, don’t be too put off that you can’t get these specific ones. Have a scroll through AO Universe’s Classic AO section, or some oldschool sites like Anarchy Arcanum for ideas. My personal suggestion would be The Stiletto.

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