Freshup on Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero Shop

I know “maintance mode” but is there any chance to get more stuff to the shop?

Some Items from the database, who are not in the acutal loot table!

For example:

1.) Combat Nano Can: Chill of the Ice Golem
2.) QL 200 with 6% reflect Modified Aggression Enhancer
3.) Sword of Pure / Light
4.) AF Atomic Weapon to build Atomic Turrets

Maybe we found more cool Items in the database who are not in the acutal loot table.
Maybe its a stupid idea to ask and the chance that a GM or Delevoper will read it goes to zero but heyyyy :sunny: :smiley:

I would also like to have the ICC Drones there. Right now it requires luck to get the one you want from Civil Disobedience, and if you’re not lucky you have to wait 5 weeks for another chance.

Hi Saavick,

you could say that i’m cheating, it’s less funny than pvp : i’m agree with you.
But I play ICC Civil Disobediance alone often : 8 characters connected in same time (8 x level 25 for the moment). It’s easier for farming ICC drone.

I think this is the only way for faming them for my twinks (60 and 100).

Have fun !

I have a lvl 180 alt with no drone so far. The random drop Gods are not in her favour… so I second that.