Maybe it's time you fixed the cash shop

We once had phase front yalms and kami sunglasses in the Newland shops. we paid cash for points for some of those items and you removed them from the game or gave us the horrible yellow versions of those yalms. You removed the sunglasses and they can’t even be obtained anymore. You put the others in the vet shop as collections and stopped vet point gain.

You revamped the fc shop and put everything into bundles reducing our selection and options. Less selection and options does not make you money…

These are examples of how mismanaged financially this game is.

Maybe it’s time you give us back what we paid for and was taken away without compensation. Maybe it’s time you fixed your shop back to the way it was where it had options and varieties and incentive to purchase one item at a time…


I’d be cool with them just adding back some of the things they previously had. Like the packs with portable GMI and banks for all characters current and future. They were expensive, but worth it and when AO is a game where rerolling a character isn’t unusual, having items linked to a specific character is insanity.

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Funcom failed its market in the same way Tesco did but in the opposite. Europeans primarily play ao and they don’t like Costco size buying in bulk bundles. Funcom you lost a fortune in revenue over foolish sales tactics.

It’s just a shame newer toons lack unobtainable items older toons have over your greed and mismanagement.

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I never really understood the whole item shop revamp. The older one looked better, had better functionality and the item shop had more to offer overall. The new bundle packs sucks, straight out. If i want to have one specific social item, i wanna buy that straight off, i don’t wanna gamble and hope to get that specific item. It’s bad marketing and like others stated above, in the longrun, you’ll lose money.

A couple of years ago, i saw people wearing all sorts of social items from itemshop, now it’s more rare… Why? Read above.

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100%. the phasefront shop was nice, being able to buy social gear and whatever colored vehicles we wanted was cool.

the nophex vouchers are neat, but the rng plus the chance to get the same no drop/unique items and the complete absence of dozens(hundreds?) of phasefront items seems absolutely bizzare. Its like they threw away all that work their artists/modelers put in to make all that content for no reason? I don’t understand it.

They will have to fix the problem eventually. many new EU laws and national laws of EU countries require disclosure of loot box odds and probability to get whatever items they contain as well as possible adult age verification.

Agree. Cash shop and exclusive subscription offer items are the reason I stopped subbing and playing.
Put those exclusive sub offer items in cash shop at the same time or 1 month after release (always). And I would return

Bumping this since tencent owns fc now and actually likes to make money.