Suggestions for the in game store

I have a long history in sales and marketing and I was looking at the store and I think your prices are way to high for a game that has such a small player base. I would suggest dropping prices dramatically to encourage people to spend more money. The individual price point drops but you will make up for it it volume. For instance for a full set of T-3 gear it is $60. Too expensive for me to even consider it for an individual toon, especially for alts I rarely play. So that is ZERO dollars Funcom is making off me. If that price was $20 I would purchase it for all 8 of my alts meaning you would make $160 off of me. Which is better ZERO dollars or 160 dollars? Same thing, if you made the ultimate lvl 80 character bundle $35 I would probably delete all of my alts and recreate them with the Ultimate level 80 Character bundle. Same thing goes for the chests, mounts, potions, bags. If you reduce them to much lower people will buy them like crazy. The max inventory bag is $30 dollars. Whomever thought that was a good price point should be FIRED immediately. They could not sell ice water to a man dying of thirst in the desert. I would NEVER consider buying it, if it was priced at $5 EVERY toon I ever made would have it. So change the way to think about selling in game items, create much lower price points for items and watch your revenue go up dramatically.


This game intends to bleed its die-hard, whale fans dry


I used to buy the blue crit/damage pots from the store all the time. But since they raised the prices a while back, I quit buying them from the store and make do with the green version ones you can buy with moa’s.

Probably a pretty decent amount of money they’ve lost from me during this time…

They should keep the items discounted for summer. Rotate sales.

i remember some decent offers in the old shop where you could buy a decent bag for all your account for a fair price. they really should look over this feature which is supposed to make them money in this game, its really outdated and in many cases way too overpriced even for an mmorpg.

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need event rune store!!!

on other mmo it’s much cheaper the shop