Item shop chests

Please consider making a minimum of one item as a purple item drop, not just a blue. The box now is about the same as playing slots at the casino…to the point I don’t buy them anymore


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How about we consider not adding any epic or legendary stuff to these boxes? ^^
It’s pay to win, that shouldn’t even be in this game. They should only drop optional cosmetic stuff not weapons, relics and rings.


I will try to get the shield for my tos. Not for the stats(even doe that will be nice to since im not yet pvp level 10), but to finally be able to not wear a huge ■■■ pom shield with mitra signs on it in PvP…! :unamused:

As for thoes who pay for this because they dont bother to level up to pvp level 10. I really dont se why, since PvP level 10 aint really a huge accomplishment anymore. Never the less, they support the game with money to get something that can be granted in game tru effort. Personally I dont see that as pay to win. Its more pay cuz im lazy.
The issues starts when you get better gear with real money that cant be obtaind without real money.

But imo, gear bought through the item shop should be marked in some way. :thinking:

or at least give us the ability to purchase those legendary weapons at vendors for pvp tokens!


pay to win or not))) again? most of us know that shiny stick will not make you a pro player or a good player. there was a few bright ex. of this, when funcom added instant lvl80 box, when funcom gifted us with a lvl80 char in blue gear and I think you can add to this a shiny t6 stick from so called saga server.

Instant level 80 is the worst feature doe. The new players who buy this will get to a place where they get overwhelmed with things to learn witgout any commitment to the game. Usually result in them being frusterated and leaving aoc for good…

Some capable PvP gear can actually be useful to help people who want to get into PvP. Thats great news for PvP in this game! :slight_smile:
Its easier to learn PvP when you see what has impact and what doesnt. If your gear is bad and the player is inexperienced nothing has an impact. They might become real good if the push through till they get the stronger gear, but chances are they quit as soon as they start trying…

Thats my tought on PvP gear in item shop. As long as it isnt the strongest gear you can aquire. Im on board with it. :slight_smile: