Please pay attention to player reports

We dont need treasure-chests or pvp saga server.
All I want to ask of you is to make GMs monitor minis to see whats going on and make sure we dont have hackers, crackers and exploiters ruining the game for others. What good does to do to petition users when it takes them 12h to respond?

Why dont you bring us into a platform with anti-cheat technology?

//Love Linda

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Couldn’t agree more but funcom refuse to answer any of these posts on the cheaters they have their heads in the sand as usual , why they wont address this is beyond a joke…

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This PVP chests bring money. Banning players doesn’t bring money…

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theres no need to ban, a simple player account exile to pve land would suffice, it has been done before. It’s just about the will to act.

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funcom have no one with balls to answer on hard questions, so no point to ask. I think it`s not because of CM, Andy does what he is told. corporate bs very popular nova days. 0 (zero) efforts with max profit and no one is responsible…)

time to time i think we should ask funcom to do nothing)))


PvP should never ever be pay2win, we asked for something new for pvp but we didnt think about boxes, you had only one job Funcom. Follow the damn community

This is hilarious. Let’s improve pvp… by adding pvp lootboxes?

Who’s gonna pay and tell us what the “epic unbound weapon” is? :smiley:

This is so incredibly insulting to the pvp playerbase I have no words.

They’re greedy af, I have no words. All they care about is to suck money from us. They expect to get money from us, and give nothing. Sounds great

Obviously pvp saga is coming, those box equivalents for pve were on pve saga so these will be there, kinda ruined before it’s announced. Not as bad on crom given most of us have proper gear, I don’t like it but can live with it there.

Yeah after posting I’ve been thinking it’s probably the “pvp saga starter kit”, so to speak. Sad.

is this so different from all the free PvE raid gear and tokens they have been giving away in the other loot boxes? pay2win sucks no matter if it’s PvP or PvE.

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It actually may be worse, but Funcom’s wording is vague so until someone posts one we don’t know.

If Exotic Highlord = current Highlord and unbound epic = current Warlord than I think most people could care less.

If Exotic Highlord is a new tier that’s better than the current highest tier weapon (Highlord), then Funcom’s introducing a higher tier weapon that can only be attained via loot boxes and that’s a problem. The PVE boxes did not drop T7 weapons. In fact, didn’t the PVE boxes only drop T5 tokens? A full tier behind the highest?

In that picture the 1h edge on the far right looks like the regular Highlord, but the shield definitely does not look like any of the existing Highlord shields.

the shield in the art is the same skin as the pve t6 priest one. the pvp one has mitra symbol.

All the time we are asking to fix hackers, what do you give us P2W boxes? Honestly Funcom you dont have your head screwed on, When are you ever gonna listen to the community we have told you what we want.

  1. Sign to minis with 2-3 friends.
  2. New PvP maps and content.
  3. New pvp levels and gear.
  4. Mini game vote kick system.

Where the f@@k did it say P2W pvp boxes in any of our requests? its all about the $$$$$$ and nothing else… Honestly give your heads a shake, because i know i am right now…


If you really want to make money, fix the game. Update the s#$% outta this. New content. New this and new that. We will give you our money!


Devs, get on the forums and talk with us!


They don’t respond to negativity and whining.

It is not problem to get T4/T3,5 weapon in regular/pug raids or just farming RF.

I’m not sure that it is a big problem if someone want to donate for new lootboxes with 0,01% chance to get epic weapon with lower stats then T3,5/T4 which can be obtained for free very fast.

Need to try other approach then.

I love it, I been waiting something like this for so long. Many thanks Funcom, doing great job!