Purchase from store not in inventory but points gone

I made a large purchase of Funcom credits and when they finally came through days( after I contacted you), I used them, the points were subtracted but no item in inventory. I also tried /claim which showed nothing. Its been a few days now and I filed a report but nothing.

Ticket number is 1158337

What did you buy? Some purchasable items are not an inventory item.

a $100 purchase that cleared and still nothing? Not a very encouraging way to welcome back an old player.

some items you can buy are never put in your bag or claims, examples : character slots, instant 80 characters, etc.
what specific item didn’t get put in your bag ?

A gear bundle. Unless something changed they always appear in inventory.

In other news another day and no communication.

did you buy “ultimate level 80 character” ?

Well i just logged in to look again. It was the ultimate level 80 bundle which, based on the picture now that I look closer, includes the straight to 80 token. So I am guessing I would need to create another character to get everything.

I guess I could create the same class and then transfer my coins from the one i leveled. What if any would be the downside?

yeah you are correct, transfer everything from the older character to the new one.
also, the description of that bundle states it will be for a new character :wink:

Thank you for your help . To your second point you do realize that in the in game store there is no description, just a title? “Ultimate level 80 bundle” The level 20 and 50 have similar titles which is where my confusion came from. As I said above until I looked closely at the PICTURE I had assumed it was just like the others I had purchased.

That being said it doesn’t excuse the lack of communication from the company. Literally every transaction I made required me to follow up and not once have I received a response back either before or after they fixed the situation. Not really a good way to do business when you are dealing with real money purchases.

Thank you all again for the assist.

You need to click on the picture of an item to see its description in a window :

I agree it should be more explicit.