Missing points on my account

I’m bumping this again, but guys the issue is between PayPal and Funcom Oslo, not USA so don’t blame it on the hurricane. The payment has been sent to Funcom Oslo. Since it’s a commercial issue made in euros I’m expecting a support from the EU.

Dear Fancom,
I’m missing the points for the account ID:**********
The 11 sept i made 2x purchases via PayPal, ID: ********* - ********and ID: ******** - *************

A third payment was done the 12 sept but has been rejected for unknown reasons by your company.

I should have 3.600 points, 1.800 points were used for buying the expansion, another 450 points were used to buy a special items from your mall shop, and my account has now 150 points.

I’m missing 1.200 points. It seems like the transaction of 10 euros did not accredited the points.

Could you please fix it?

It’s been one week i’m trying to contact the support but still not an answer.

I did contact Funcom Oslo and in game support.


Now i also have another question, are the payments with PayPal working at all? Regards.

I’m sorry for the delay in our reply. All of our support is done from our Durham, NC office. We do not have anyone in the EU area that can assist you.

If you ever need assistance with our billing system, you must contact us through help.funcom.com/. We will not be able to do anything for you here in this forum post. It’s not even clear which account is yours. There are a number of things that could be causing this issue for you, so we’ll need to know some specifics from you in order to assist. We look forward to speaking with you soon through email.

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I did contact them twice… I guess they would return the points but my question now is PayPal is actually working toward funcom? Or if i purchase something again i wont get anything? I did first a petition in game, 3 times, then i contact the link above twice, and then the forum. Regards.

To do this, you would have to delete your petition each time to create a new one. That would put you at the back of the already long queue!

No i mean i did update it.

I guess that just meant you met the normal delay of a day or two, plus the multi-day delay due to the hurricane.

Due to the threat posed by hurricane Florence, we were forced to close our North Carolina office last weekend. We’re playing catch up after being down for a few days. This would account for the delay in a reply to your petition.

PLEASE NOTE: Petitions are not what you need to do for billing assistance. When we finally get to your petition, we’re going to ask you to go to help.funcom.com/. In-game chat is not secure enough for us to discuss account details or billing information. Please always go to help.funcom.com/ for billing issues if you want the fastest assistance.

To answer your question, PayPal is working. But as with any payment method, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. It can be on our end or PayPal’s. We would have to work with you through email in order to figure this out and fix the issue for you. We look forward to hearing back from you through help.funcom.com/.

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They fixed the ticket, quite professional :slight_smile:

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