In game shop broken

Looks like the shop is broken, just bought stuff and didn’t get it. And it seems others have same problems.

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I did bought the intermediate bundle for 1500 points and didnt get it, so i tried it again and now it say congratz you already bought one???

I bought funcom points: all ok, after i use theses points for buy master bundle and nothing in my inventory with more of 60 free slots even after restart game and waiting long time…

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I had the same problem last night, bought magic/crit potions, but never received.

I buy several items, the funcom points are removed but nothing comes into my inventory. The shop was working a few days ago. Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks for the reports. After some investigation we identified the issue from last night and will keep an eye out for the future.

Still happening… just bought some chests, and they didn’t show up

Hm, okay. Thanks for the update.

Whats next do we still get our order from shop or do we get the points back?

I have the same question…

What I can see happening is either

  1. You get the items delivered to either your inventory or through /claim
  2. You will get your points back.

I wouldnt worry if I were you guys!

Hope so. Because the adventure is waiting for me

Hello, the package has been well delivered: thanks you for all…

Nothing here bummer cant wait for mine

Nothing here either, and after w8 over an hour for a gm I gave up. Guess I try later and hope for the best.

If you haven’t already, please just submit a ticket either through the help page or ingame and a GM will get to you ASAP. All we need to do is press a button on your account which will attempt to deliver your purchases.

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Thanks i got my items now the adventure begins

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