Have They Lowered The Droprate Of Caches?


Because my character in New Dawn gets about one a day from running every mission they have available. My new toon still in Kingsmouth isn’t seeing many more. Just out of curiosity, I checked the AH to see what people were selling. They were surprisingly expensive. The cheapest going for around 49 MoF and quickly rising to 90+, most sold singly at that. I don’t think I saw a lot of more than 10. Seems like the supply of the things is rather lower than I would expect.


Honestly if they did it I don’t think of it as a bad move. Caches hit the low point in sales value since the container…changes…since the market was flooded with it but there use was limited.
Making them rarer would turn them into a decent good to be traded again.


Got to agree with you there.
I just thought it was a bit weird.


Nah, caches still dropping like candy.


I know in the past, at least according to what we were told, you will see more caches drop after you open some (ie, if you aren’t opening them, only remind you they exist occasionally). I don’t know if they changed once we were introduced to belts though.
And, as someone who sold a ton of winter caches once I got sick of them and saved up daily keys for the new caches, it does feel like I’m getting off to a slow start on picking them up. That said, I have not kept track of numbers at all, so this could be entirely because I wanted to see more of them for a bit.


One a day? I run all the missions twice a day and end up with about 15 or 20. So you can estimate 6-10 per full clear of the missions. Granted, I skip as many mobs as is possible, so you could get a lot more killing everything.


Drop rate is dramatically increased if you open them still.

I had 30 keys saved up, and had to transfer the tribal caches from a couple of alts (who had been opening earlier caches prior to New Dawn’s release) to get enough to open on the first(ish) day with the key-stockpiling-alt.

A day later that character has 29 Cache’s to open after spending all their cache-keys, and they only logged in for a couple of hours to run the New Dawn missions.

Belts added to the drop list don’t appear to have done anything to the increased cache drop rate for key-spenders, so I guess more chances at belts is another perk of spending cache keys.


One a day.
The character has a total of five on him in all, and that’s just because I ran a couple of SD missions to round out my Dailies.
But I haven’t tried opening any yet. I was waiting to amass a smallish hoard (I have like 85 keys saved up as a Lifetimer. I just really haven’t wanted much from the last few Cashes and the one thing I wanted from the Winter Cash I got right off the bat.


Crack one open. That should change the drop rate, since the devs have said that using keys makes caches drop more. My alts that never open caches end up with a lot fewer of them than my main does.

It’s actually nice to know that’s accurate. 85 days without using a cache and thus barely ever getting caches sounds like that feature works.


Noticed the same thing in the first few days at least. They used to drop an insane amount but it seems to have let up. Not exactly rare, but noticeable.


I find this conversation interesting because I hadn’t opened any caches in over a month since I was saving for the new cache… but I still did just some quests in Scorched Desert that I knew had a ton of mobs in the way and in under an hour (I think it was mroe like 30-40 minutes, but) I got ~20 caches to start spending my saved keys on. And that’s -without- the increase from having opened them. I had nothing else to do because I was waiting for a friend to get home to do DOTM with them so I figured I’d just farm caches. It seems like a -little- lower of a drop rate now? But not at all dramatic. I would try your higher level in Kingsmouth and let them wipe out a few groups, or Scorched Desert. South Africa doesn’t actually have -big- groups of mobs (it’s usually 3 at most) which makes the chance of a cache lower. Taking out locusts/cultists in Egypt or zombies in Kingsmouth should amount to the sort of percentage you’re relatively used to.


I had tried going to the Scorched Desert to fill in some dalies and mow down some Locusts. It made no difference.
I actually did open the ten that my two toons had managed to scratch together since Wednesday and since then the drop rate has gone up a little.


Cache boxes… ya know, I have never really figured out the pattern for drops, but I can swear that I get a lot right after reset and then its as if I have reached my quota for the day and the droprate plummets, with only a few here and there for the rest of the day, until next reset. This pattern seems consistent, regardless of how many cache boxes I might open throughout the day.


At the start of new dawn you relatively kill few things compared to other zones, less kills is less chance of a kill spawning a cache. So that may feel like the droprate decreased ?
If you would run around in one of the previous zones (for me) the drop rate seems about the same as before.