Cache keys canbe used on?

So with the 12 months bundel deal I get 1 cache key everyday. I get these purple boxes which drop randomly, I think the are called inferno cache box or something like that? Anyways what I want to know, can the keys I get (1perday) be used on something else besides the purple boxes? Because so far I only get stuff that normal mobs/dungeons/quests also drop.

That’s all they’re used for, infernal is not the only kind though - they rotate every 2-3 months to a new kind.

The cosmetics are exclusive colours to caches and the weapons are too but both are exceedingly rare (about 1 in 20 for blue weapons and individual outfit parts, less than 1 in 100 for mounts/pets/whole outfits, purple weapons)

The currency you get (about 10 per cache) lets you buy cosmetics in a separate colour from the one you get directly, as well as some other mounts. Typically those cost 100-400 so it’ll take a few caches to get them.

The XP distillates are the most common reward and are the same as you get from dungeons/scenarios/raids/etc. just higher amount per distillate and doesn’t cost any anima shards to use.

Worth to note that this isnt the case for the current cache

There is also an option to buy trash Purple talisman and weapons, which you can use for fusion fodder, instead of building one from green to Purple.

There are also some cache unrelated cosmetics which you can buy from different NPCs

Buying trash purple talisman? Wait how does that work? How to buy them? I am in need of better gear I am on half greens and half blues atm.Thanks for the fast reply both of you!

In addition to all of the above, the quality of the purified distillates you get from caches scales with your IP. In other words, the better your gear, the more XP you get from each cache distillate.

If you’re still below level 50, in green and blue gear you’re probably better off stockpiling the keys, to be honest. Not only does the size of the distillates increase as mentioned but you get signet distillates which are of no real use until you have purple gear.

There are vendors in agartha which sell (what are generally referred to as) trash epics. They cost 200 Third Age fragments each and are 2 pip items without any special extra effects. You can’t equip most epics before level 50 though, (epic items from the caches are the exception,) so it’s not necessarily an immediate short-cut to good gear.

Most of the time, you’ll have levelled up drop items to a similar level by the time you can use them, so trash epics are most often used for levelling fusion items - that way you don’t have to start from green when you’re upgrading the highest quality of items.

I just made lvl 37 last night, ill look into the vendors this is very helpfull. Will save the keys from now on.
I just hit Egypt and I gotta say that I love it. Was getting tired of als the zombies and undead creatures. Its a refreshing change :smile:

Don’t waste that currency on trash epic gear. They are only level 1 and have 2 pips and when you start dungeons at lv50 it is really easy to upgrade common green gear with useful properties (and many 3 pips are now very cheap on market).
But most important thing is that you can get this currency only from caches. It means either being sub for years or buying cache keys for aurums. Aaaand there are spints, pets and clothes you can buy only for that currency.

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