Help with power leveling items

Hi, I am trying to get my item power to 450, from 261, I want to hit that IP so I can play and finish the remaining faction missions, however I am finding that getting there will take way too long for me, upgrading my gear, like talismans, increase my IP by 1 and even getting those upgrades take forever, is it possible to purchase a service that will increase my item power level to 450? Is such a service available or possible? thank you, I am open to offers

Good news!

If you really want to, you can level up your items using Purified Distillates that you can get from caches. Cache keys can be purchased for 150 :aurum: a piece.

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Thanks for the response, so the only thing about that is ur not guranteed purified distillates from caches as its random what you get, would that be an efficient way of upgrading item power regardless?

You’re guaranteed to receive two Purified Distillate bags, one weapon or talisman bag, and one glyph or signet distillate bag.

Efficient is a matter of opinion and how you feel about sinking a significant amount of money into the project rather than actually playing the game to level up your stuff. :wink:

Oh did not know that about the purified distillate bags, thanks for the update, I really like the faction uniform u get but since they changed it so u have to be item power 450 to get it, that made it seem really difficult to get that uniform. 1 more question if u dont mind, does adding signets increase item power and does increasing rating from mk2 to mk3 increase item power? and if so, by how much, thx for answering my questions

Signets affect your IP, but proportionately less than other items. Items with more pips have a higher IP. No idea about the actual numbers, but it’s not likely to make a huge difference at that level. :woman_shrugging:

Okay, thanks for the help, I did end up purchasing some aurum to upgrade my weapons, are there any other ways or tips to get my item power higher? or is it just keep upgrading?

Upgrading your equipment is the only way to raise your IP.

Hey so if anyone is still interested, I was able to successfully increase my item power from 261 to 462 and if anyone is interested, it only took me $300 of aurum to upgrade my gear with all those distillates and weapon and talisman imbuers, I hope that max faction gear is worth it lol

Fashion is the true end-game, so… congratulations? :slight_smile:

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I mean, you could have probably joined 1-2 regional bosses runs and got to that in 2 days for free, but as long as you’re happy.

Nobody uses the queue. You go to the agartha tree and ask for help or group in the “looking for group” channel.

Joining a cabal (guild) is recommended if you want to easily find lairs and boss runs, you can check Shift C menu in game, online recruiters from various cabals usually post there when they’re online.

There is a number of different cabals that are active, I would recommend joining Agnitio, you can message Wolffspider in game about joining.

Also congrats on getting cool threads!

This is why i like subbing for a month with a £9.99 payment I get the mission cooldowns and all the other nice stuff and a cache key a day (30 keys in total) - if I want anything more i buy the Aurum direct.

Not sure if you sub already or what your playstyle/plans are or if you think this is something you would want to do.

Thanks for the info on cabals, ill go look for some now, and yeah im already subscribed as a patron, I just wish that funcom would release a new chapter or expansion, Iove the story of the game, despite the game and gameplay being outdated

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