Upgrade tab not working

I got a character in SWL, which cannot upgrade by Empowerment, several items with other items, weapons with weapons, talis with talismans… Distilates work on random items, and relogging, and zoning did nothing. Is this a known bug?

Screenshots of said tab could be helpful to be sure what do you mean.
Just from top of my mind, what is level of your character, what level are these items you try to upgrade?

lvl 44, I try any Green lvl 1, and up to Blue 21, trying to empower with Distillate 300cc, or 200cc, items, trying Dual pistol of warding mk1 lvl 1 empowering it to another green lvl 1, etc. Sometime one of my characters, is just stuck unable to use Empowerment, and my highest lvl character is in Tokyo at the moment, so I know how it usually works.

Here, the option is just, greyed out…

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You have insufficient anima shards to be able to upgrade an item. Your inventory shows you have 22 left while the upgrade window says you need 400.


Oh! Thanks :smiley:

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You do, however, have thousands of anima shards worth of stuff in your inventory in the form of expired snowflakes that can be redeemed for shards as well as old caches and reward bags full of stuff that can be sold to a vendor. That would clear up some clutter, too.