Call for help from a beginner


I started playing this game a few months ago; I don’t play it that often so I still consider myself as a beginner.

When I unroll the weapon inventory, the empowerment tab is unavailable (I can’t click on it) meanwhile the fusion one is available. I have an object to be used (a level-20 pendant) but I don’t seem to have a well-used object (I don’t know what it means). My charachter is at level 19 but my hammer and gun level are respectively at level 10 and 11 and I can’t upgrade them since the empowerment tab is unclickable.

Thanks for your help,

The game should’ve given you a “well-used” thing to use for fusion - an item whose only use is for what’s effectively the Fusion Tutorial. If it’s no-longer in your inventory, you could’ve deleted it already, and while I’m clutching at straws, you might be unable to proceed until you’ve basically done the tutorial, which would be difficult without the required items. Check the tooltips of the items in your inventory, and see if one of them includes the words “well-used” at the top? Otherwise, try opening a ticket.

Hopefully someone a little more clued up will be able to give some better advice, but in the meantime, try mine :stuck_out_tongue:

The items in question look like normal items but have a white outline instead of green, blue, purple, orange, or red. You should have grabbed them from a chest in the training room.