Talisman Fusion looks broken

https ://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/2/9/3eafb406f172213184c0dc8c43c11cb8-full.jpg ***

That’s what I get when I try to Upgrade any item now.

Got the lvl 20 dummy fuse item (Well-Used Medaillon)
Tried to combine them on the fusion tab. Step 1-3 … 4 is doing nothing (Fuse button)

Can’t upgrade any items with the tutorial upgrade dummy overlay

Steam overlay disabled, restarted the game as well.

*** can’t seem to add a link for an uploaded picture to help sort out a bug?

see here :


Also, I believe posting links and pictures is tied to a certain amount of posts.

Thank you for the link and the heads up
That explains …
I’ve just wanted to keep playing and figured a quick screenshot would help more than writing an essay about the exact problem.
Will definitly try the customer support on Monday
Thanks again

Support for that should be available on the weekend too.

First, open the Help window from you top bar menu (fourth entry from the bottom)

then click on “Petition” in the upper right corner

then write in the textbox that you’re stuck with the fusion tutorial.

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