Selling distillates for anima shards!



Since the new agent system comes with a flood of worthless distillates, i think it will be necessary, that those can be sold for anima shards. For the usual 250 shards, not a symbolic 1 shard, otherwise funcom should make sure that those distillates are deletable. Purified distillates for instance cant be destroyed (although they dont cost anima shards when used).
If i have to spent anima shards to keep my inventory clear, that would kill the agent system for me.


I doubt shards would be a solution as you at some point stop needing shards transforming one thing you don’t need into another.
But I do thing it would be nice to have something to upgrade lower destillates into higher destillates. For example something where you can fusion two destillates worth y xp to one destillate worth 1,5 y…making you lose 0,5y xp but gaining you a larger destillate for it.
Or some other system to make destillates fodder for larger ones too…


Oho, interesting thought you have there.

What happens nowadays when one tries to sell it (and that is not a purified distillate) ?
I never tried so far as every distillate is very welcome and close to my heart.

But if indeed we get flooded with distillates from agents and those are low-level it might be interesting to sell them OR turn them into HexCoins maybe?

That’s an interesting idea.

Maybe use the old TSW upgrade window for combining distillates?
400XP Dist. + 400XP Dist. ==> 600XP Dist.

But this combining would have to be shard-free to make sense.
This is why I am suggesting the old TSW upgrade window so devs dont have to work around the actual in use one.

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That was my thought exactly. The only thing you can do is use them on some green ■■■■ and either sell that or use it as some sort concentrated dist.


I can’t remember the last time anima shards were ever a problem. I’ve sunk 5.5 million of them into my museum so far. Just farming the remaining 2 million so I can finish it off. I get about 100-150k per day just doing my 1 hour Kaidan route.


You actually run out of things to upgrade before you run of things you need shards for (museum). Also the turn 2 cans into even less XP makes no sense.


Given that I already have 7 of 12 wings completed and not even maxed 2 talisman to max mythic I doubt the assumption that you run out of sinks for shard after you run out of ways to use destillates.

The XP lose comes so that the process has a downside…else the fusion nearly always would be a valid step even for higher destillates since it would come for free and safe shards. You can pick between the shardsafing but not as xp efficent fusion or upgrade with smaller destillates for more xp but higher shardcost.


Good idea! But why not making distillates tradable as well in the process? That would provide some more granularity in the monetization.


I mentioned in another thread, but I have had no problem discarding Agent reward distillates. They aren’t like some of the other ones (untossable).

Also, if they give less than 250xp they are essentially useless. You can buy a cheap 1-pip off the exchange and get 250XP from it, why would I burn 200-600 Anima Shards to get 150xp from a crap agent distillate when the same amount of shards will get me 250xp from a 1-pip?

If they are under 250 I just toss them.


Pretty much this.

I think a workable solution would be some way to allow us to consolidate distillates together into larger distillates. Free of anima shard cost and very low in any other cost. I’ve suggested this a dozen times in the past (starting in the SWL beta) that we should have a MoF purchasable item that functions as a vessel to accumulate distillate XP. You could feed distillates into it (for free, but perhaps at a reduced XP value) to create larger distillates. These vessels could hold a finite amount of XP, but once full they can be converted into traditional distillates afterwhich you would need to buy another vessel. Of course they’d have to hold “worthwhile” amounts of XP, so they’d come in varying values for a proportional MoF cost. And low MoF cost would be the key to anyone using them. A 10k XP vessel would cost no more than 5k MoF. So you buy a 10k XP vessel for 5k MoF and you can dump any distillate you want into it for free. They distillates would grant something like 75% of their XP to the vessel. When the vessel is full, it won’t accept anymore distillates and instead you can double click on it in your inventory to turn it into a standard 10k distillate.

Now imagine if a full vessel was account bound instead of char bound… Oh, the possibilities.


What possibilities exactly? There’s a reason gear becomes bound once you put any xp in it.

People can currently speed up the gear progression system by spending aurum (which supports the game financially) but what your proposing is that they be able to do the same thing by spending marks of favour (which does not). I don’t doubt that initially people would sell xp at a high price but that price would inevitably drop as more and more people reach the end of the gear treadmill and have nothing else to do with their distillates. What you’re proposing is, in effect, a feedback loop that cuts out one of the main income sources for the game for the sake of short term profits to the few people who got in at the ground floor.

Anyway, I think agent system rewards feeling worthless isn’t a problem that’ll go away entirely once you get agents onto the higher tier missions (because you’ll still be levelling new agents for quite some time to come) but just allowing us to vendor distillates for some token amount (half their cc value maybe?) is a simpler and more practical system than adding yet another category of item for us to carry around and level up. :smile:


Leveling alts without hating every minute of it for one.


You could make the vessel an aurum purchase. EQ2 has a way for max level characters to funnel XP into a vessel to pass to alts. Combining up distillates would be a good idea.

I’ve been making a mini game of all the lowbie greens and distillates. I combine them up to lvl 20 green then use them. On a purple piece it does give most of a level, and a nice chunk on mythic with a much lower shard cost. This week doing that, my shard balance has stayed about the same, so it’s more cost effective than adding them directly to epic/mythic, etc.

Find your entertainment where you can! :rofl:


A much better solution to that would be having a shared stash tab in the bank window that all of your characters could access and making distillates account bound.

Yeah but that’s basically replicating the functionality of cache keys, except in a way that probably messes with the economy in ways we can’t predict. Currently to get aurum you have to spend real money or marks and marks are in limited supply. Plus whenever you spend aurum, it’s removed from the economy. If players could pay each other aurum for item xp, then better geared players have much more purchasing power plus the aurum isn’t removed from the economy - so the game makes less money from aurum sales.

As you point out here, there’s really no need to add a system where you can combine distillates together to get less xp for a cheaper shard cost - it already exists. :smile:


Alts have tighter shard budgets which is why my suggestion is ideal for this purpose. Spend your main’s currency, alts get the benefits.


What’s needed is a way to share items & currency between alts not an extra crafting system that operates on different rules to the main one.


I would be very nice if we could sell low end distilates for Shards, use them for free or anything really. Right now, delete is the only option.


I oppose currency sharing other than aurum. I also oppose an all-purpose shared bank. Just specifically account-bound items that can be transferred between alts.


You seem quite against it. Why?


You were literally just arguing in favour of spending your main’s currency on your alt though. I fail to see why it’s only acceptable if it’s done in an overly convoluted fashion.