Will Agent rewards be worth it overall?

Keeping in mind the system is not yet quite finished, I had to bring this up.


An 8 hour mission for an Epic Distillate worth only 800cc? I suppose I have to “wait and see” but I am hoping these are not the final reward values.

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Well, you’re not doing much yourself. Maybe think more along the lines “how many minutes do I spend to send an agent on that mission” rather on how long the agent is away.


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I understand that part, yes, what I’m concerned about is actually using these distillates. All my gear is currently mythic, so using the equivalent of E1 distillates is usually not exactly worth the cost in shards.

Of course, if all agent reward distillates are free to empower with, that would make more sense.

Free upgrades for doing nothing while I’m at work all day, the system works for me. I’m not going to complain.


Oh, for sure. I’m not complaining, just asking preemptively what is assuredly going to be asked at some point once it goes live.

I wish I could do more work (in game). Illuminati problems won’t fix themselves.


I would think they would scale like all the others.

Yes, we need do more work in game…Illuminati is a problem…Says a Templar :stuck_out_tongue:


Really hoping an app to play the Agent System offline eventually comes along. It’d be more immersive to get called up occasionally. I log on every day but I don’t always play, depending upon time and inclination, so it’d be a good way to keep the game in my thoughts rather than, meh, i’ll get the mission tomorrow.

Edit: Well, since they’ve said (not surprisingly) that they don’t have the resources to make the system available in app form I wonder if the player created version would be possible?


Simple answer: Yes, plus is plus…everything you get on top of things is good.
Complicated long answer sum up: It could be that the time it needs to get stuff makes it only a small extra on top of normal stuff…still decent for people that play not that much but ignoreable for people that do regionalfarms as morningroutine.

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Anything free is worth what you pay for it.

Having said that, the real reward is clearly a whole bunch of extra words to read. I can’t wait. :smiley:


We’ll have to wait and see to be sure. However I think it will be worth it to get a little extra boost, especially for casual players like me.

@Xekrin it is still a reward for just doing a few clicks. So in my book it is great reward. And I can imagine that there will be a few special quests that might give higher rewards in later tiers. So in the long run this will be a very beneficial thing to keep doing.

That’s what I’m all giddy about: lore! And lore that could be periodically released in content lulls with very little effort to make except for the writer who writes the descriptions!


Honestly, I view anything I get passively as being awesome… especially because I like alts. I like alts a lot. But I feel like with the current system, I HAVE to focus on my main character - my alts feel horribly neglected. But this is a way to let me continue improving my alts even when I’m trying to make my main character The Fanciest ™. Which makes it awesome to me.


I’d like it more if it were high on the glyphs side of things. So hopefully it slowly turns away from being mostly tali/weapon dists and throws a lot more, albeit low value at long intervals, glyphs dists at us after a while.

it’s actually rare that free things are worth nothing :slight_smile:

In this case… in the last video they showed blue reward which was like 125xp. And I remind you he you HAVE to use it and pay for it :slight_smile:. Distillates are untradeable, unsoldable and undeletable

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Was that reward from one of the tier 1 missions? The ones people can start doing at level 15?

Few clicks to send agent but more than that to get one, isn’t it? Also it’s a bit sad to get 800xp stuff for your mythic set though better than nothing of course.