How mine Anima shards?


I’m playing in SWL since few time after long years in TSW and I’m understanding that the most importan money here is Anima Shards.

How can I earn them but missions and killing monsters? Is there a dungeon or something like that to earn more Shards then other places?

Thank you


Do Tokyo side missions and then use the keys to open the containers in the Tokyo docks.

You will earn shards:

  • from corrupt keys
  • from opening containers
  • from selling dropped gadgets from containers to vendors.


Thank you, but before tokyo?

I’m at savage coast


Then you don’t need to worry about it.


I think so… I’m always with low shards :frowning:

I spend them to empower the talisman and weapon, and I spend to grow up my occult museum.


Here is your problem. Don’t worry about this until much later.


Only use same type items for empowerment. If you sell all the weapons of types you don’t actually use, that should largely solve your shard shortage.

  1. Use same-types for empowerment. More efficient use of shards.
  2. Vendor sell unwanted items. Though almost nothing is outright ‘unwanted’ by me since I’m upgrading all sorts (tank/heal/dps, all weapon types), bleh :P.
  3. Mostly don’t worry about the museum. Its an early game shard sink.
  4. Later you get better access to shards through Kaidan and New Dawn zone missions and Kaidan container keys.

Eventually it should be no big problem to have up to 10ks-100ks shards on hand.


The most important earnable currency is actually Marks of Favor, which you earn by completing daily challenges and by selling items you find on the auction house in Agartha.

Museum is probably not something you should be spending Anima Shards on until much later in the game.

You don’t need much in the way of levelled up gear to complete Kingsmouth, Savage Coast, and Blue Mountain.

What I did is my first daily challenge, 3 mains, 3 sides, 50 monsters, and 4 item powerups. Then I do at least 2 more mains/sides, and the 100 monster challenge. Then I open my 10 (or more) bags from the missions, set 4 matching items aside for tomorrows challenge, and sell the other 6.

That way you get enough empowers each day to handle the level, you always end up with more shards, and you’ve earned most of your Marks of Favor for the day as well.


1: Any canimas from the agent system that are under 250XP, THROW AWAY. These are a waste of shards.

2: Stick to matching items for empowerment unless you only need 100 more XP to cap out the item.

3: Vend any weapons you’re not using (Given that you’re in SC you’re probably use any and all talismans for empowerment at this point)

4: This is more future proofing and doesn’t really come online until maybe late BM/early SD but once you get a weapon/talisman to Blue 25, start working on a second one so that once you hit 50 you can fuse them and get purples.

5: As others said the Museum doesn’t offer much in the way of rewards until you’re able to dump millions of shards into it.

6: A topic of debate back around launch but collecting lore gives you shards and XP, the XP amount scales with your level, some players such as myself favored coming back at level 50 to get these since at that level AP/SP generation falls off so hard it leaves a Wile E. Coyote shaped impression in the ground. The shards amount is fixed however so if you’re hurting for shards you can grab (Really a word that rhymes with MATCH is censored?) up the lores for 200 a pop (with bonuses for completing entries/sections)


Thank you all.
Anyway, the museum is my prefer objective in this game… I’m killing everything is red, just to fill my museum :stuck_out_tongue:

For other suggestion I’ll do, thank you again.


The museum is meant to be a late-game time and currency sink. It’s not meant for the early game. It will bankrupt you if you try to do it too early.


Farming kills in each zone, as you go through each zone, sounds like a great way to burn yourself out.

Plus it takes well over a million shards per museum wing to upgrade fully.


I partly agree with this. The first tier of statues (green) was priced so you can work on them as you go through the maps. Blue and Purple i wouldn’t work on till much later though.

What i did in early game:

  1. Only use matching items that give the bonus xp when upgrading, for Green
  2. Only do the above for Blue if you don’t feel you have enough of an income of distillates from Dungeons and Agent Missions
  3. Once you hit Purple i would stop uding other talis/weapons for upgrading, it’s simply not worth it. Don’t small agent distillates either (most of them are). Make sure to do your Dungeons.
  4. When upgrading museum like you want to, try to only upgrade the wings relevant for your current area (otherwise you run out very quickly)
  5. try stay above 5-10k shards wherever you are comftable not to run into 0.
  6. Never use a mismatched item without bonus xp.
  7. Sell all the gear that doesn’t match.

With the Anima allocation system, point 6 has become less stabalizing as you can use any Neck talisman to get a bonus for a neck talisman you are upgrading. If it is really tight with shards, i would also insist on only matching DPS neck with DPS neck, despite getting a bonus from all Neck talis. This gives you more you HAVE to sell =P.