Custodial Anima Infuser costs?

So, I will say that I am typically not one to complain or b*tch about things in a game, I don’t mind some grind as long as it’s fun. But after seeing the cost of the Custodial Anima Infuser I am now a little annoyed, 600k for three of them? On top of the 125k it’ll cost for the Pedestals making the total cost to upgrade the center piece stand at a whopping 725k anima shards.

Now I have those shards, I’ve been hovering at 1 million for awhile now, but it’s still a bit annoying to have to spend 3/4 of that on just the center piece for one wing.


It was fairly expensive at 1mil pax in TSW but yeah I feel like this is a decent step upward. In TSW you’d get ~10k pax per endgame loot sold, here you get 250 shards, so it goes from 100 items to 800 items.

Personally I can’t buy it, I’ll probably get one from the AH for mof instead. All my shards go towards using agent distillates, I’m sitting at under 150k after buying the regular exhibit pedestals. It of course doesn’t help that after I capped on ap/sp, I stopped running missions much, I get my dailies done on dungeons and lairs.


Fair point, hopefully the cost on the AH doesn’t go up way to high, but at least there are different options, but seeing the anima shard cost just made me sigh and go really? Because in TSW it was so much easier to make PAX and keep them as well. I may just buy them off the AH myself.

I guess on a plus they didn’t lock it behind third age fragments or something.

200k shards aren’t that much if you are used to running areas for there missions. Tokyo gives over 100k and, SF around 70k. If you are f2p it takes a little but since the golem wing is one of the later wings anyway normally it should be fine. Patrons can earn that amount by running tokyo twice in one day. So while it’s step I don’t think it’s to expensive compared to the solar shard for example.

Running every mission in a zone twice in one day is incredibly grindy. You’re not making the 200,000 price tag sound reasonable with that suggestion!


I have to agree here. I’ll make that in one day only running side missions twice a day in Tokyo about 2-3 hours total. Maybe my perspectives off though since I’ve been sitting on 5Mil shards for months with nothing to spend them on.

And with todays patch the made it Bind on Pickup so no buying it from someone else off the Auction House or trading. Was hoping they’d reduce the price with the bind change but its still 200k anima shards.

I mean. The prizes on the AH where ludicrious for it. It’s way faster to farm the shards than farming the mof (if you don’t wanna pay with your wallet)
I sold three on the AH…the lowest was 65k the highest 85k…people really have to much mof

I got all mine for 50k/ea. Totally worth it. I hate rerun ING missions. This is why I only just got all the passives unlocked this week

Matter of perspective. I can get 70,000 marks with far less effort than I can 200,000 shards. Without factoring aurum in.

Anyway, the shard price of the museum already made it a lol no thing for me, tacking on an extra 600,000 shards just made it a hell no.

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THe Anima Infuser is Character Bound now :cold_sweat: