Take my gadgets - please!

Can somebody talk to me about how to get rid of old Gadgets? I always forget to use them as it is, but I have a huge pile of them now, and with most of them, I can’t delete them from my inventory and I can’t sell them in the auction house! Any tips appreciated.

Can you Vendor them for shards?

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Possible. That is the one thing I haven’t tried.

Mythic and Legendary ones sell for quite a bit! It is one of the ways you get a lot of shards out of the Tokyo containers still.

Yes you can vendor them for shards. The higher the quality the more shards you’ll get. Especially mythic and Legendary gadgets make a nice amount.
You can sell the gadgets on the auction house as long as you haven’t equipped them yourself before, as they become bound then.

Thanks all! Yeah, I’m just trying to dump the green ones, mainly, and have been frustrated that I can’t even delete them! I’ll take 'em to a vendor.