How to Sell Items

Hi guys ! How can I sell my stuff ? I don’t find it in the Ark and there is no options in Iridia market place…

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Can’t sell your stuff, but if you’ve got any extra guns lying around you can dismantle them for weapon parts!

but that only covers the weapon upgrades part of the equation. What about purchasing items? If I have 5 grenades which I’d want to sell for a medpack or two, I would like to have that option

Seems like you can only get and not sell

I would love if we could sell items! I just unlocked some really powerful items in iridias shop, but I don’t have enough scrap to be able to buy them, and depending on how much I actually have left of the game I don’t know If I will be able to find enough scrap to buy them, not to mention I probably wont be able to use them when I do get them :sob:

Yes, I think the possibility to sell items should absolutely in. If nothing else to clear the inventory, I got so many smoke grenades and flares I don’t know what do do with. Even if the sell price was ridicoulous.

Yeah, devs. Please do that. I believe we all play enough RPGs or other games like it, that it should be normal, in nearly 2019, that trading is a possibility in an post apo game. Feels so damn strange.

Unfortunately you can’t sell extra items for scrap, but I will make the suggestion to the dev team :slight_smile:

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Haha thanks :wink:

Hey Jens, you bring up something interesting. In addition to bug fixes (e.g. AMD issue) and balance tweaks, are there plans for continued content support on this? Think it is pretty widely accepted you all created a charming gem of a game and now I’m certain that I’m not the only one ravenous for MORE! (MOAR )